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November, 2008

I Am Thankful For…

I AM THANKFUL FOR … Author Unknown The partner who hogs the covers every night, because he/she is not out with someone else. The child who is not cleaning his room, but Is watching TV, because that means he Is at home and not on the streets. For the taxes that I pay,because it means …Continue reading

The Law of Attraction Contest Winners Announced

I am happy to announce the winners of the Law of Attraction contest. Yes, I made a video of the actual drawing. Bear with me here….  I am new to using this camera and tripod and when you combine that with the unpredictability of children…  well…. You’ll see what happens… Congratulations to all the winners. …Continue reading

My Free Gift To You

Happy 11-11 everyone. Here it is…  my free gift to you: It’s been a crazy busy day for me! The Giant Sale going on now has been a GIANT success! More news to come…

The Law of Attraction + Self Development + Internet Marketing + Home Income + Money Savings HUGE PACKAGE is live!

As long as that title appears to be, I stil did not cover it all. It’s the largest package ever put together… for an insanely low price… and it’s going live right now! Hurry!  Don’t Wait… The timer is already counting down! 24 hours is all this sale will last…. and then it will …Continue reading

The GIANT 1 Day Only Sale…

I am soooo excited for this to open…. Check the timer on that page to see when it opens…. It’s only available for Nov 11th…

11:11 Celebration This Upcoming Tuesday 11/11/2008

I will be celebrating eleven eleven this Nov 11th 2008. Early that morning prize winners will be drawn from the law of attraction contest. A Giant… Huge… Surprise will be unleashed, that will only be available for 1 day… 11/11… on nov 12th it will be gone. Two more small surprises will be sent out on Nov 11th. If …Continue reading

The Law of Attraction In Action – The U.S. Election

The Law of Attraction was indeed in action during the Nov 4th presidential election. Anyone who is a student of the Law of Attraction should have seen this coming. NOTE:  I am not endorsing any candidate, I am just looking at the election strictly from a law of attraction point of view. Here is what …Continue reading

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