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February, 2009

Dark Secret Of Unlocking Your Intuition! – Free Download

I have often said that there is nothing that any self development guru can teach you that you don’t already know deep inside. Yes, discovering how to use The Law of Attraction is exciting and will drastically change your life, but deep down in a secret place you knew it all along. Yes – it …Continue reading

Odds Are, You Are Richer Than You Think!

I can’t speak for everyone who reads this, but odds are you are richer than you think. With all the negative news about the economy, and people losing their jobs, there is a lot of fear out there right now, which is why I choose to look at my life from a slightly different angle… …Continue reading

Readers Write: How Not To Manifest A New Job

John Derrick Answers Questions . To ask me a question, please sign up for my weekly newsletter (don’t worry, I promise you no spam) and then send me your question. I will only use the first name of the person who asks the question, unless I am instructed otherwise in writing. This weeks question comes …Continue reading

Readers Write: Manifesting Money

I have been encouraging readers of my newsletter to write me questions. I select the best questions that I feel will benefit others and I answer them here. . To ask me a question, please sign up for my weekly newsletter (don’t worry, I dislike spam as much as you do) and then send me …Continue reading

Master The Secret Of Letting Go – With Huge Free Bonus

I am excited to be able to bring this special offer to all of you.  My friend Guy Finley has written a beautiful new book  called Letting Go: A Little Bit at a Time — and it presents a radical new approach to help you realize the true abundance, success, and deep love we all …Continue reading