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April, 2010

I Am A Winner! (Now You Say It)

You are a fantastic person and are getting better everyday. How often do you hear that? Not often enough, I am sure. Most of us are too hard on ourselves and we spend far too much time focusing on the one thing we did wrong that day and forget to praise all the wonderful things …Continue reading

It is Okay to be Broke, But NEVER Be Poor!

Not having enough money at any particular time is a lot different than being poor. Let me explain, I have been broke in my past.  So broke in fact that I had to file for bankruptcy.  Sure, I was frustrated, but I never was poor. You see, once I discovered the power of The Secret …Continue reading

Stop Living Your Life on Autopilot!

So many of us walk through our life in a zombie like stupor, living in a state of being that I like to call “autopilot”. When you are living a life on Autopilot you get into a routine (or is it a RUT?) and you just go through the motions day in and day out. …Continue reading

The Cure for The One Thing That Stops You From Mastering The Law of Attraction

This is what you have been waiting for! I have worked with hundreds of people one-on-one and with thousands of people who have used the Secret Course, Manifesting Cards, Subliminal Videos and the Quantum Cookbook law of attraction courses. I also have helped countless others on this very site and through my free weekly newsletter. …Continue reading