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November, 2012

You are the world

Everything you do today is affecting the world around you.  Yes, the law of attraction will attract to you based on your words, feelings and actions, but it is much larger than simply this.  You are affecting the world around you. What this means is that your words, feelings and actions are changing the world.  …Continue reading

Black Friday Deals Are Live!!

Black Friday Deals Yes, the holidays have come early.   Happy holidays, Guy I have put together the biggest sale ever, and it is live now.  This is the official “Black Friday” sale, but I am letting you in early. GET IT NOW I hope this blog post finds you in time.   Amazing Sale …Continue reading

Halloween – A nine year old’s story of KARMA

I was Trick-or-Treating with my son, and he dropped his Ipod Touch ($300) somewhere in the dark. We quickly headed back, and low and behold a woman was holding it up in the dark and calling out “Declan?” (My son’s name). We were very thankful. After thanking her profusely, we turned and walked up the …Continue reading