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May, 2010

Stop Smoking in 28 days

You already know that smoking causes a list of diseases… You know that smoking is costing more and more money everyday. You know that smoking may even kill you. But do you know how to stop smoking? Yes, I am in self development, and so I naturally want my body to be as healthy as …Continue reading

Why A Garden Is Like The Law of Attraction

I enjoy working in my garden.  It never feels like work to me. In the early spring I plant the seeds, knowing full well that later in the year I will be able to eat wonderful foods that came from my efforts. So today, I was working in my garden, and I realized that the …Continue reading

How I cheated my way to success!

. I am a cheater…. and I am proud of it. The PROOF IS HERE You see, I cheated my way to success. I took this shortcut, because I’d rather take the easy way out. The way I saw it, I had two choices. #1 – I could put in years of hard work, or …Continue reading

Want to have a great day? Do This…

Here is a neat little trick that anyone can do to make their day… and it is 100% free! Close your eyes and search your mind for something that makes you happy. Not something forced or something that SHOULD make you happy, but rather something that brings you pure joy. You will know when you …Continue reading

Nothing outside of you can make you feel badly

No matter how bad a situation is, ultimately it is you who is in charge of how you react to it. I know it may be hard to believe, but no one can make you angry.  No one can make you cry. Yes, people can behave in ways that you do not prefer, but ultimately …Continue reading