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The Best PDF Ebook Reader

ebookreaderpdfI have found the best pdf ebook reader.

Hint:  It’s NOT the amazon Kindle.

The search for the best ebook reader specifically for PDF’s began back in Dec 2009.  You can read my original article here.

The ability to read PDF files were the most important thing for me in deciding on which ebook reader I wanted to purchase.  The vast majority of eBooks are released in PDF format.  I looked at the Kindle, and even though it costs over $350, I was shocked to find this main feature lacking.

My final decision for a PDF ebook reader was to get a netbook.

A netbook is much smaller than a normal laptop PC, but it makes the perfect ebook reader, because it will read EVERY ebook format.

In fact, it supports PDF ebooks, EXE ebooks, Flip Books, TXT ebooks, NISO z39.86 ebooks, Plucker ebooks, CHM ebooks, DjVU ebooks, Comic reader, Newspapers, LIT format, HTML ebooks, eReader, Newton, Epub, and just about every other format in existance, because this ebook reader is a netbook that runs on Windows XP.

This also means that I can listen to audios and I can watch videos on this too!

In fact, my new PDF ebook reader (aka: Asus 1000HA) can double as a movie player to keep my kids occupied for long drives.  I can even load it up with educational games.   Of course, I have to admit that I browse the web a lot on it using the built in wireless, and I even do some writing on it is MS Works which came with it. I installed the entire OpenOffice suite on it too, so I have all my basics covered.

Now it does NOT have a DVD drive, because it is so small, but you can load this up with ebooks, MP3’s and even videos and movies using several different methods.  Firstly, it has wireless built in, so if you have wireless at home you can connect to it this way.  Secondly, it has a standard network port so you can connect it to your home network.  Thirdly, it’s easy as pie to put your data on a USB stick and plug it into the netbook.  Fourthly, it even has a card reader so you can use your SD card to transfer data or pictures.

Watch the video below to find out why I bought a different model than I had originally planned.

It’s much smaller than a laptop, as you can see in the video when I place the netbook onto a corner of my laptop.

To me, the choice is simple.  Compare these two items, not only in price, but in what they can perform, and it really is a no brainer.

When you consider that this netbook is actually a few dollars CHEAPER than the Kindle or other limited ebook readers which lock you out of hundreds of options and keep you from viewing most of the popular formats (like PDF), I really feel it is a no brainer.

::amazon(“B00154JDAI&fc1”):: ::amazon(“B001GIPSA2”)::

It’s hard to believe that you can get the power of a an entire computer, including flash drive, usb ports, web cam, built in microphones (stereo), Dolby sound, full color screen, 160GB hard drive and a 1GB of ram, all for less than the price of the very limited Amazon Kindle 2.

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