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Vitamineral Green

Top 10 Reasons Boku SuperFood is Better Than Vitamineral Green

In the past I have written about Vitamineral Green,  (READ HERE)  a green superfood.  I use to take it every morning for breakfast until I discovered Boku Superfood. I have been using Boku SuperFood for the last 9 months. Why do I prefer Boku SuperFood over Vitamineral Green? Top 10 reasons I switched: 1) Boku …Continue reading

Vitamineral Green – Super Food – Best Price.

I have been using Vitamineral Green for the last few months and I can tell you for a fact… this stuff is amazing! It would seem logical that if you ate a healthy and balanced diet, you would not need additional vitamins or minerals. The problem is that most of us do not eat an …Continue reading