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Cure Chronic Pain

As most of you may know, I have been absent from this blog a lot lately because I have been following my dream of writing my first novel.  As it nears completion I found myself living with the chronic pain from arthritis.

It is true, I am not as young as the picture of me on this website.  Perhaps the time has come to update it and show off my well earned gray hairs.

I have never been a fan of pharmaceutical drugs so I researched natural approaches which led me to adding a few supplements and making some changes to my diet.  This worked to some degree, but there always was a level of nagging pain.

How did I forget?

How in the world did I forget about the Extraordinary Health Meditation?

I have no doubt that being away from self development for some time has allowed me to slip.  It is so easy to become busy with your work and family that you forget you are creating your own reality.

So I have used the Extraordinary Health Meditation for two days now, and today when I woke up I was up and about for several hours before I even noticed that I was not in any pain.

This motivated me to share my story with others.

If you already own the Extraordinary Health Meditation, then perhaps this would be a good time to remember to use it if you are suffering from any health problems.

It’s so easy to use, and the benefits are amazing:  See Health Benefits Here

I am so happy to be back into the swing the feeling great again.

Being in pain really can damper your mood.

I hope I have helped you, or someone close to you, improve their life and reduce chronic pain, reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure while improving circulation, improving moood, and achieving vastly better sleep.

Life is just too great to waste anytime suffering.

With Love,

– John Derrick


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