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Manifesting With The Law of Attraction – Exeprt From Your Secret Course

The following is taken from Your Secret Course
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What you are about to learn has the power to transform your life forever. You will finally be in control of your destiny. This method will lay out the blue print for your personal success and it will make life a lot more fun in the process.

This advanced method harnesses the combined power of the Law of Attraction as well as these other powerful tools: positive thinking, daily affirmations, the gratitude method, and vision boards. All this in one powerful tool.

Instead of spending countless hours trying to master five separate disciplines, you can focus on mastering this one method which fuses the power of all five.

Many famous teachers have completely changed their lives and created vast wealth and fame using only one of these tools. Do not underestimate the power of each tool on its own; these are all life-changing tools when utilized correctly.

After years of study, I concluded that if a person would use each of these five powerful methods daily, it would be impossible to fail achieving your goals. Again, each of these tools is incredibly successful when used correctly, but when used together the results are much more predictable and the results manifest much faster.

The problem with using each of these tools individually is the amount of time required. Each tool requires a fair amount of time and I found that the average person simply could not find three hours to spare each day. I am sure you can see the dilemma.

I knew that if you used all of these methods daily, your life would change so dramatically that you would find yourself with a lot more free time, but in order to get to that point, you would first need the time to use all the tools. It was a paradox of sorts.

Finally, after years of research, I was able to combine all of these methods together with my Manifesting Cards course. Now you can use one tool each day, that combines the power of all five tools and you can do it in one fifth the time! Best of all, the results are phenomenal.

Imagine designing a life for yourself from the ground up, and then reaching forward in time and bringing the “future-you”, which you created, back in time so that you can enjoy all the benefits today.

If used faithfully, and reasonably, you can create whatever you desire for your future-self, today. Let’s begin by taking a brief look at each of these five tools individually:

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction stated simply is “like attracts like”. Unknown to the average person, is the fact that the mind has the power to change his or her personal reality.

It is a proven, scientific fact that the mind produces brain waves that are not contained inside your head. In fact, what you think and how you feel is broadcasted far out into space and the Law of Attraction teaches that what you think about and what you feel about becomes real.

To put it even simpler: Thoughts become things.

Before I can continue any further, I will need to get some terminology out of the way.

TERMINOLOGY: There is a power greater than us, which governs the laws of the universe. People have used many different names to refer to this power.

Some people may feel comfortable using the term God or Universe or Higher Power, Higher Self, or Source Energy. The term does not matter. That which is, exits just the same, regardless of the terms that humans use to refer to it.

This course is not tied to any particular religion, so if you have a term that you feel more comfortable with, feel free to apply whenever needed.

I try to use a mixture of terms that are not used in any particular religion.

That which is, simply is.

What you think about, and what you feel about, acts like a magnet to the universe, and it brings more of that to you.

Those who think most of disease, find themselves dealing with diseases in one form or another. Those who think and feel about abundance have abundance in their lives, just as surely as those who think and feel about lack will experience lack in their lives.

Since what you think and feel about expands and is attracted to you, one would be wise to only put your attention on that which you desire. Putting your attention on what you do not desire will attract more of that to you as well. The law of attraction is not exclusive of anything, it is inclusive of everything you put your attention on.

It is important to note that the law of attraction is tuned in to both your conscious and your subconscious thoughts, so learning to program your subconscious mind is another factor to consider.

If you want to learn everything there is to know about the law of attraction, I highly recommend that you take the complete Law of Attraction course, .

In fact, many of you reading this will have already purchased, because the course that you are currently reading, Learning to Manifest with Gratitude Cards, is included in the materials for

Fear not, if you purchased these cards and this course by itself from you will still be able to change your life completely. This method is so advanced that you do not need to know the how and why for it to work. All you have to do is follow these simple instructions and you will be astounded by the results.

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What you just read is taken from Your Secret Course
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