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Attitude of Gratitude

Science Proves the Power of Gratitude!

You probably already know that grateful people are happier and more fulfilled¬†with their lives, but did you know that grateful people are HEALTHIER? It is true, feeling grateful, will improve your health. This means that the effects of gratitude go way beyond those already known to those of us who use the Secret Course It …Continue reading

5k Per Day Subliminal Video For Free?

5K per Day Subliminal Video Series . The 5K Per Day Subliminal Video has been the best selling money attracting subliminal videos of all time. . This popular “money magnet” video series includes three videos in four different formats, for a total of 12 different video downloads. No other subliminal video series has been successful …Continue reading

An Attitide of Gratitude or Act of Compassion? You Decide!

When Laurie told me this heart warming story, I asked her if I could share it with everyone on my site.¬† She quickly agreed and she asked me to share her website with everyone also. Laurie’s website shows you how to keep a Daily Gratitude Journal On Your Computer “This morning, the kids and I …Continue reading