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5k Per Day Subliminal Video For Free?

5K per Day Subliminal Video Series

5K Per Day Subliminal Video


The 5K Per Day Subliminal Video has been the best selling money attracting subliminal videos of all time.


This popular “money magnet” video series includes three videos in four different formats, for a total of 12 different video downloads.

No other subliminal video series has been successful for one simple reason:

No other video series has ever proven more effective when it comes to attracting wealth.


Video #1:  The Good Life


The Good Life Subliminal Video

The Good Life Subliminal Video

This video will improve your self confidence and attract a feeling of control.  Watching this video will give you power over your life.  Yes, like all the videos in this series it will attract money to you, but this video is geared specifically to giving you power over your life and bringing things under your control.

Video #2:  Attitude of Gratitude

The Attitude of Gratitude Subliminal Video

The Attitude of Gratitude Subliminal Video

In my opinion, this is the best video both in terms of quality and success rate.  The subliminal programming in this video will super charge any efforts you have using the Law of Attraction.  When you watch this short video, you will FEEL GREAT…. you can’t help but to feel happy and this positive shift that happens inside of you will put you in alignment for attracting positive things.

Feeling good has never been so easy.

Video #3:  $5K Per Day
(The Money Magnet Subliminal Video)

5k Per Day Subliminal Video

5k Per Day Subliminal Video (Money Magnet)

This is the big kahuna when it comes to attracting money.  This is the video that everyone has been so excited about.  Watching this video will program your subconscious mind for vast amounts of wealth.  It is easy, it is quick, and it is potent!


Everyone wants change, but this video is so successful with people, you will want to start off slow and work your way up to 20 minutes a day, and never watch it for more than that.  It is too powerful.

Attracting money has never been so easy!

I make it even easier, because I am NOT selling this video for $97 (like I had to pay for it).  No, I am selling it for for $60, $50, $40, $30….


Instant Access Now

I am serious.



THE STRAIGHT UP DEAL: I have put the video on my website for the whole world to watch.  You can get it here right now:  Watch 5K Per Day Subliminal Video for free.

So watch the video for free….  feel it improve your life and watch the money start flowing in.

Once you do, you will surely want the entire video series, which you can instantly download from my website to your computer for just $20.

No games.  No taxes.  No Shipping.   $20 gets you the entire video series, in AVI, MOV, Mp4 and Flash formats.

I want you to succeed.  I want you to be wealthy.  I know the videos work, because they have worked for me, and for countless others.

THAT is why I am giving away the powerful 5K Per Day Video, and why I am selling the entire series for a puny $20 bill.

Order The Entire 5K Per Day Series Now

Oh yes, I almost forgot, once you sign-up for the free video, you will also be offered an in depth explanation as to how subliminal videos work, and the difference between your subconscious mind and your conscious mind.   This is optional, but I think it is very helpful to know.

Please Note:
These videos are from the maker of the Intelligent Warrior.  I did not create these videos.  I am someone who used them and found success.  I then got the rights so I could help others who needed more money like I used to.

Please leave your comments below.

God bless….

John Derrick

Get The 5K Per Day Subliminal Video For Free
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