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living in the moment

The Longest Day

Yesterday I wrote about living in the moment.   I did this off and on throughout the day, having at least a dozen “in the moment” experiences and something strange happened. I had a HIGHLY productive day.  Far more productive than normal, even though I was taking time to stop and be in the moment. I …Continue reading

There are no Ordinary Moments

Standing on the steps at my front door, I notice a big fat bumble bee.  He is a busy bee indeed, going from flower to flower crawling around inside each flower for a second and then on to the next flower. I am totally engrossed in the beauty of this moment.  Time stands still.  The …Continue reading

A Lesson in The Law of Attraction From A 9 Year Old!

My 9 Year Old Teaches All of Us A Lesson In The Law of Attraction As a parent, I have learned a lot about life from my three children.  This Saturday, my nine year old son, Logan, showed me the difference in thinking between children and adults. It was a HUGE lesson for me… and …Continue reading