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A Lesson in The Law of Attraction From A 9 Year Old!

My 9 Year Old Teaches All of Us A Lesson In The Law of Attraction

As a parent, I have learned a lot about life from my three children.  This Saturday, my nine year old son, Logan, showed me the difference in thinking between children and adults.

It was a HUGE lesson for me… and aside from being a cute story, I offer it up to reveal this hidden truth for you as well!

– – Saturday – –

Logan and I were out running various errands together.  Our last stop took us to Subway for a nice healthy sub sandwich.

It had been a good day and all of our stops had gone smoothly, just as I had envisioned.

I ordered my sandwich first, with every vegetable they had, and a drink.  Logan then ordered a foot long sandwich for the first time, with chips and a drink.  He was pretty hungry that day and excited about the possibility of having some left over for lunch the next day.

When the person making the sandwiches rang up our order, it came to $13.87 which coincidently was the EXACT amount of cash I had left in my wallet.  Sure, I had my debit card with me and several credit cards, so if it had been more it wouldn’t have mattered because I had access to all of my money.   That’s not the point….  It was the fact that the total was the exact amount of money… TO THE PENNY that I had on me.

We both were talking about how neat that was as we carried our meals to our table.  Logan’s little smile was ear to ear.

Then for a moment, he looked sad.  I asked him what was wrong, and he said “Oh Nothing” which is usually code for “ask me again dad”.  So I asked him again if there was anything on his mind.

“I just realized that I wanted a cookie and I know you won’t use one of your cards for a one dollar cookie”

He was correct.  I don’t like to use my debit cards for such a small amount.  Being a business owner I know first hand that the fees the bank charges per sale means that the store would actually loose money on a one dollar item.

The only employee there was now sweeping the floor because he was getting ready to close early.  He had already pulled the chips rack.  We were the only customers in the place.  Maybe he had already shut down the ATM/Credit Card machine?

“But that’s okay.  I am going to think positive and I know that a cookie will show up”

My first thought was how in the world is he going to do that?  I sat there thinking about logical things such as nearby ATM’s or making a larger purchase.  Then I was thinking about how he probably doesn’t even need a sugar laden cookie anyway.

“It’s okay Dad.  I’m using the law of attraction” he said with a grin.

Ha Ha Ha.  I burst out laughing.  Of course this required an explanation on my part because Logan could not see anything funny about this.

Leave it to a child to show an adult what living in the moment is all about.  As an adult, I use the Law of Attraction in big ways on what I think are important things.  Such as keeping myself healthy… and attracting wealth to me.  I’ve used it for a house and for a car…  but never for a cookie.

At that moment in time, Logan wanted a cookie.  Not a thousand dollars…. Not a mansion… not a new car… he wanted a cookie and he had faith that he would get one.

I explained to him why I had laughed and how proud of him I was.

He told me “I learned it all from you Dad… and from reading your book”

Which is true….  I had taught him about the Law of Attraction. In fact, Logan was one of the first people in the world to read the  Manifesting Cards eBook.

The first thing he did was to manifest himself a brand new bicycle that was nearly identical to mine (18 speeds, chrome and purple, etc)…  a bike that I had no idea that was even made….  But that’s a story for another time.

We both went back to eating our sandwiches.  I couldn’t have been happier with my son than at that moment.  We sat there smiling at each other enjoying our food, when suddenly Logan saw the sticker on the wrapper of my sandwich.

It was a SubWay Scrabble game piece that said “More ways to win”.  I peeled it off and it said “Sorry, not an instant winner”  Logan found his an peeled it and it said the same.

For a moment I sat surprised.  I thought wow… that seemed like the perfect way to win a free cookie.  Of course I wasn’t even sure that cookies were offered as a prize.

He didn’t look sad though.  He still had faith that he was going to get a cookie somehow… some way.  The how was not his job.  His job was the absolute unwavering faith…  and he had it.

That’s when I noticed that there were game pieces on our cups also.

He peeled his back and it said “You’ve won a 12 oz fountain drink”.  That’s pretty neat… but not what we were hoping for.

Logan said “You must have the cookie then!” referring to the game piece I had not peeled off of my cup yet.

I peeled the game piece from my cup and sure enough I had won a free cookie.

YES! – Logan and I celebrated.

“I knew it,” Logan said.

A month from now Logan may not remember this incident, but this is a prime example of how the Law of Attraction can be used in the moment.  It’s a great lesson to all of us to live in the moment.

You may not have a million dollars at this moment, but maybe what you really want is a cookie.

PS – It’s a great idea to keep a journal of all the times you have used the law of attraction.  This way you can look back over all your past successes if you ever find your faith wavering.

I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did.

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