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You Reap What You Sow

Most of us are familiar with this saying.  It is loosely taken from the bible (Galationas 6: 7-9). Most people only apply this to a negative aspect of someone’s life.  For example if someone wasted their life on booze and drugs and they are found dead in a ditch one day someone may say “you …Continue reading

Top 10 Things Happy People Have In Common

1.  Appreciation Happy people make it a  habit to appreciate life.  They start each morning when they wake up and begin the day with an attitude of gratitude.  Be thankful that you are here right now, it is an amazing time to be alive. 2) Like Minded People Happy people spend most of their time around like …Continue reading

Two Schools of Thought, One Solution

Bad things happen to good people. I am sure you have had something negative happen to you in your life. So why do bad things happen?  What create them? There are two schools of thought out there when it comes to the world. #1 You have no control over everything that happens outside of you …Continue reading

John returns from a long quest for happiness!

For over a month (41 days to be exact) I have been on a journey of self discovery. A quest to find happiness…  with surprising results! First off, I am lucky enough to have discovered how to make money on the internet even when I am nowhere near a computer.   Using the techniques found in …Continue reading

Improve Your Mood Immediatlely With Binaural Beats

Ever been too grumpy to feel good? Feeling good is of course a positive power in your life.  Feeling peace, love and joy, is good for your body because it lowers your blood pressure and releases chemicals inside your body that makes it generally run better. The law of attraction tells us that we are …Continue reading