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John returns from a long quest for happiness!

For over a month (41 days to be exact) I have been on a journey of self discovery.

A quest to find happiness…  with surprising results!

First off, I am lucky enough to have discovered how to make money on the internet even when I am nowhere near a computer.   Using the techniques found in the online Wealth Course, I make money everyday no matter what I am doing.  So my income barely noticed my 41 days off….

This is how I make money on autopilot

Of course I used the law of attraction to manifest a lifestyle of reliable income that created the free time I so desired.

It’s important to know that I used the manifesting cards to attract (or create) the lifestyle that I desired and then I let the universe deliver it to me.  I didn’t set out to find a way to make money online….  that is just how the universe delivered it to me.

So on my 41 days off I didn’t sit in deep meditation on top of mountain somewhere seeking the meaning of life.  No, I did meditate, but mostly I immersed myself into the things that I enjoy.

I learned how to play golf and enjoyed it tremendously.  I spent time with my friends and neighbors.  Took some family trips, went camping and did some fishing.

I also bought a lot of things that I didn’t need. A new laptop, new computer, large hard drive, garden stuff, put in a new sprinkler system, car related toys,  electronic gadgets, collectibles, luxury camping equipment and thousands of dollars of miscellaneous products.

You see, my quest was to find what makes me happy.   What exactly is it in life that produces a lasting happiness.

I think you will be surprised by the results of my experiment.

It was no surprise that those late at night infomercial products did not create a lasting happiness.  In fact, the happiest I ever felt with those products was when I watched the ad on television or read about it online.

Even though some of the products I purchased were a lot of fun at first, none of them produced lasting happiness.

Teaching my nine year old to fish….  that provided true joy.   Not the hundreds of dollars of fishing gear, not going out on the boat….  it was the teaching and spending time with him and creating that father and son bond that created a lasting happiness.

I was surprised to find how much I missed all of you.  In my rush to find happiness I neglected to realize that I enjoy this site and I enjoy my mailing list.  Reading your emails and replying to them gives me a sense of purpose.  Knowing that I am helping people while providing for my family is a great feeling.

Best of all for me was knowing that I didn’t have to work… didn’t have to lift a finger and that money would still come in.  That kind of security….  that was very comforting.


The Freedom to do what I want when I want to do it, that is a great feeling.  To know that each morning when I wake up I can do whatever I desire with my day….  that is priceless!

Knowing that I made money while I was sleeping….   That’s a great feeling too.

Sure, the toys and gadgets can be fun….  but at the end of the day (or the end of 41 days), its the free time that is the most important.

If you knew for a fact that using the official Secret Course would give you all the time that you needed….  the freedom do live the life you desire…  would you order it?

Of course you would.

Time is the most valuable thing you and I have.  Time is the one thing money can’t buy…

When you get a job your boss is paying you for hours of your life.  Put in 40 hours and get paid your hourly wage.

But what about the time for yourself?  Time to spend with your kids… time for romance…  time for fun.

It is completely backwards to give 5 days a week to a job and 2 days a week for yourself.

When you work online, you can reverse that and spend 2 days of week working and 5 days a week playing.

Once you have everything in place, like I do, you can take 41 days off like me and you’ll still get checks in the mail and money deposited directly into your account.

The internet runs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  It never closes…

Nothing feels better than making money while helping people, although making money while you sleep does come pretty close.

Knowing that while I am playing golf or fishing with my boy that I am earning money…   well….  that’s a great feeling.

In conclusion, what I found that makes me the happiest in life is time and freedom.

I truly believe that the Secret Course can give you that… and a whole lot more, just like it gave it to me, and hundreds of others.

PS – My “work” online feels more like play.  I love doing this.

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