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38th Birthday Huge Sale is Now CLOSED FOREVER

Just wanted to get an update on here to let everyone know that the 24 hour, huge sale to celebrate my 38th birthday is now CLOSED. It was a HUGE success…   Thank You to everyone involved. The sale may be closed, but Things are STILL absolutely CRAZY around here. I have answered 624 support tickets …Continue reading

The Biggest Blow Out Self Development & Law of Attraction Event!

This is huge, and it is LIVE RIGHT NOW. This is the BIGGEST thing I have EVER done! See For Yourself…. Use This Link Now: You are going to be absolutely blown away by all the great stuff that I have for you:  CLICK HERE REMEMBER: This Offer Is Only Good For 24 Hours …Continue reading

The Biggest Self Development Sale Of All Time

I am super excited for what I am about to unleash! I am 100% serious when I say that I am putting together THE BIGGEST self development package I have ever seen, and I am practically giving it away to everyone who gets my newsletter! People are going to call me crazy when they see …Continue reading

John returns from a long quest for happiness!

For over a month (41 days to be exact) I have been on a journey of self discovery. A quest to find happiness…  with surprising results! First off, I am lucky enough to have discovered how to make money on the internet even when I am nowhere near a computer.   Using the techniques found in …Continue reading

How the Law of Attraction Saved My Life

I was asked the other day to explain how the law of attraction has changed my life.  She wanted to know beyond the money and on a deeper level, how has my life been changed. I must tell you that I didn’t begin by learning what is called “The Law of Attraction”.  In fact my …Continue reading

Internet Marketing – Making Money Online Is Easy, If You..

I have been making a living off the Internet since Dec 1999. I have showed many of closest friends how to pull in some extra income with little effort, and even watched a couple people quit their jobs and go on to earn a living using these methods. After all these years I have decided …Continue reading

Saving Money With Online Coupons Can Cost You Big

In this hectic world of ours most of us are constantly on the look out for a good deal.   Whenever I am making an online purchase and I find the box that says “coupon code” on the order page, it often pays to simply type in the name of the vendor and the word coupon …Continue reading

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