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How the Law of Attraction Saved My Life

I was asked the other day to explain how the law of attraction has changed my life.  She wanted to know beyond the money and on a deeper level, how has my life been changed.

I must tell you that I didn’t begin by learning what is called “The Law of Attraction”.  In fact my wife and I began using this power in the later 90’s.   We called it “Bending Reality”.   Somehow we realized that we could bend or change our reality by using our minds.   I never thought of it as a attracting change…   and honestly I still think that our definition of “bending reality” is probably more accurate than “Law of Attraction”, which is how it has become known today.

Once I had this realization, that I could bend and change my reality, everything began changing in my life.  I think people around me noticed even faster than I did.

Looking back, I would have to say that I am as near opposite of who I use to be as is humanly possible.

I use to be very high strung and now I am relaxed.

I use to be a bouncer at a bar and I engaged in physical confrontations nightly…. Now I am a peace seeker and have not been in a any kind of physical confrontation since 1999.

I use to drink alcohol daily and now I rarely ever drink and if I do it is in moderation.

I use to be quick tempered… I use to have anxiety… I use to be stressed out all the time… I use to hold grudges for years…. Now I am the opposite of these as well.

Words can not describe it, but I live in a completely different world now.

Where I USE to attract conflicts everywhere I went, life now runs smoothly for me.

Where I use to have lack I now have abundance.

Where I use to have a job, I now have multiple streams of income.

I don’t take life so seriously now. I see messages in my environment daily… like little winks from the universe.  I often recognize external manifestations as previous internal thoughts and feelings.

Whenever I see something I desire, or a change I want to occur in life, I simply write it on my Manifesting Card and I KNOW that change will take place.  I have learned to trust in the universe to care for me.

I used to hate life and hate a lot of people… now I love life and everyone and everything in it.

I use to expect the worst and I usually received it.  Now I expect the best and usually get that.

I use to weight 120lbs more than I currently weigh, and I use to try to loose weight.

I use to attract misery to myself and I had a tendency to wallow in it.   Now I attract situations with happy endings and fun-filled adventure.

I guess my old life was spent warring with the world and focused on destruction while I am now at peace with my past and focus on creation and helping of others.

I use to serve people spirits (alcohol) for a living, which was damaging to their bodies, and now I serve people uplifting spiritual writings and focus on healing peoples spirits and bodies.

I use to save every cent I scraped together…  I was a real penny pincher. I would forgo enjoyment for the security of money in the bank.  I always expected a “rainy day”, and I often had them. I didn’t take vacations because I would rather have more money. Now I live mostly in a state of enjoyment. I take many vacations and I always know that the money will take care of itself. It always does.  I expect sunny days and that is what I tend to receive.

My life has truly done a 180 degree turn around.

Once you know the truth… really KNOW it… you can never go back.

I don’t mean forcing yourself to believe a certain thing. I don’t mean choosing to believe a certain thing. I mean discovering a truth larger than you… larger than words… once you do this… you can never turn back.

It’s similar to telling a child that there is no Santa. No matter how hard you try, once you realize that there is no Santa, you can never go back to believing in Santa. No matter how hard you try.

I have done my best to put everything I have discovered into a single course.

Every trick… not only my own, but those that I have read by works most people have never heard of.  I have gathered those books up also, and included them along with my own discoveries and put them all inside My Secret Course.

If you want to turn your life around too, there is no better time than right now.  Simply CLICK HERE now.

Peacefully Yours,

John Derrick

PS – Keep sending me your questions. I love to hear from you.

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