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Know what you want out of life

The amazing thing about life is that there are no rules.  Okay, society does have some rules, but for the most part you can live your life however you want. The game of life has no rules and no commonly shared objective.  We are not all striving and competing for the same thing, like we would in a board game. Every board game has rules to play it and a common goal that everyone playing it is trying to reach.  Once someone reaches the goal or completes the objective of …

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You are contagious

No, I am not talking about bacteria or a virus.  I am talking about your attitude. Every thought you have and every action you take has an effect on the world around you.  Just like you can give someone a cold, you can give someone your attitude also. Even a small thing like flashing a smile to a stranger has an impact on them.  Holding the door for others or being polite instead of rude, all make the world a better place. Judging others or making them feel bad is …

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You are the world

Everything you do today is affecting the world around you.  Yes, the law of attraction will attract to you based on your words, feelings and actions, but it is much larger than simply this.  You are affecting the world around you. What this means is that your words, feelings and actions are changing the world.  You are changing everyone and everything around you. So are you making the world a better place today? That is the only question that matters.

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All Natural High – Review

All Natural High – The Review   Wouldn’t it be great to FEEL good ALL THE TIME? Imagine if you could activate the feel-good chemicals in your body any time you want…. That is just what Natural High is supposed to do: I have to confess…. that I have been playing with this all week!! Not only have I been having fun with this new digital toy, but I have found some very good real world uses for it. But first, we should start with this: DOES IT WORK? …

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Secret Coupon Deal Is LIVE

Right now there is a special 11-11-11 celebration going on, with a secret coupon that is only available to members of my newsletter. I am only posting this here to let you know that if you are not on my newsletter you are missing out on this and on all the future celebrating, specials and freebies. For the record, I have another special which has not yet been announced, so get on the newsletter ASAP and you may be in time.

Staying Positive – Avoid This….

Staying positive for 7 day…. and only allowing positive thoughts, may be harder than it first appeared. This has made me aware of how many non-happy or non-positive thoughts I allow in my own daily routines. Here is one popular pitfall that should be avoided: Entertainment: I quit watching the nightly news years ago because of all the negativity and how it made me feel.  But I never thought of this: When watching TV or going out to a movie, if you want to remain true to the only positive …

Only Positive (OP) with me for 7 days!

Join with me, and think ONLY POSITIVE thoughts for a week and you will be amazed by the results. Do you want want success….   health…  freedom…  and wealth… MORE than you want to think negatively? This is a serious question. How badly do you want positive change in your life? YES – The Secret Course is amazing…. It is the best Law of Attraction course in the world, that not only reveals the exact steps you need to take each step of the way, it even goes one step further …