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You are contagious

No, I am not talking about bacteria or a virus.  I am talking about your attitude.

Every thought you have and every action you take has an effect on the world around you.  Just like you can give someone a cold, you can give someone your attitude also.

Even a small thing like flashing a smile to a stranger has an impact on them.  Holding the door for others or being polite instead of rude, all make the world a better place.

Judging others or making them feel bad is spreading to the world more of what you do not want.  Yelling at someone who made a mistake doesn’t make anything any better… in fact it just makes things worse.  Making others angry or scared by your aggressive behavior makes confrontations more likely.  Obviously it will make your encounter with this person more negative, but the attitude you just gave them will carry forward in them and will spread to others.

So are you making the world a better place to live not only for yourself for everyone else?

Or are you making the world a worse place to live not only for yourself but for everyone else as well?

Either way, you are contagious.


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