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All Natural High – Review

All Natural High – The Review


Wouldn’t it be great to FEEL good ALL THE TIME?

Imagine if you could activate the feel-good chemicals in your body any time you want….

That is just what Natural High is supposed to do:
I have to confess….
that I have been playing with this all week!!

Not only have I been having fun with this new digital toy, but I have found some very good real world uses for it.

But first, we should start with this:


In a word:  YES.

It will make you feel good and happy at the same time.

I suspect that this is why the makers of it are going for the “digital drug” approach, since I suspect most people use drugs in order to feel good and be happy.  Of course real drugs never lead one to true happiness…  usually it is quite the opposite and real drugs lead one to ruins.

I suppose this could be fairly compared to a drug then, since it does get you feeling kind of “high on life”, but the biggest difference is that it doesn’t impair judgement.  I wouldn’t want to use this while driving though, as I feel it does slow my reflexes significantly when I am in the deeply relaxed state.

So, what REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS have I found for this?

I have found this to be a powerful tool for the law of attraction, because when you feel happy, you attract more things to be happy about.

Yes, you can focus on something and attract it, but if you are feeling sad, depressed, stressed or anxious, you will attract it along with more reasons to feel sad, depressed, stressed and anxious. You may even attract the thing you desire in a negative way, because of feeling poorly during the process.


When you don’t have enough money, it can be hard to feel “good” at times.  In order to make yourself a money magnet you need to feel good, happy and excited.  You know, how you would ACTUALLY feel if you suddenly won the lottery!

If you suddenly found yourself with a million dollars in your bank account, would you feel anything other than excited joy?

To attract more money, simply imagine (visualize) yourself having more money while using this and you will FEEL your way to more money.


Stress and Anxiety

Not sure if you remember or not, but I use to suffer from pretty severe anxiety and even though I have overcome my GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) I still find times when I feel the effects of Anxiety for no apparent reason.

This is a great tool to INSTANTLY get over feelings of STRESS or ANXIETY, because you can’t feel stressed or anxious when you FEEL GOOD & HAPPY.

It just melts away.


SIDE NOTE:   Since I have been snowed in at my house for going on 3 days now, and not getting any sun or exercise, this has been a God-send for me.

I am Glad I attracted this into my life.


Now you have attracted it into your life, so be sure to check it out.


Feeling Good and Happy,

– John Derrick




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