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Staying Positive – Avoid This….

Staying positive for 7 day…. and only allowing positive thoughts, may be harder than it first appeared.

This has made me aware of how many non-happy or non-positive thoughts I allow in my own daily routines.

Here is one popular pitfall that should be avoided:


I quit watching the nightly news years ago because of all the negativity and how it made me feel.  But I never thought of this:

When watching TV or going out to a movie, if you want to remain true to the only positive thoughts for 7 day challenge, you need to steer clear of Dramas, Violence, Horror, Action and instead watch a good comedy.   Laughing is very positive, but feeling scared, or ready to fight, or anger…  those are all negative emotions, and they are hard to avoid when you are watching a TV show or Movie.

I went and saw an action movie with a friend of mine and realized this while watching it.  It became a very strange movie for me when I began doing deep breathing and focused on relaxing my body.  Instead of feeling tense or involved in the movie at all, I felt great…  similar to meditative state, and the movie played on in front of me as if it were background.

People were kicking, shooting, yelling and fighting, all the while I remained in this near meditative state.  It felt surreal.

When you really think about it, the human race thrives on negativity.  Most people crave it because they have become addicted to feeling bad.  How else would you explain all the scary, violent movies and tv programming?

Each and every one of us has the freedom to chose what we are going to program ourselves with.  Like it or not, when you sit in a movie theater immersed in a horror, action or a drama that makes you feel tense for the whole two hours, you are programming yourself to feel tense.  It conditions your subconscious mind.

It is surprising how hard it is trying to think only positive thoughts for just one week.  Imagine how powerful this would be if we could do it for a month….  6months…  or a whole year.

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