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Only Positive (OP) with me for 7 days!

Join with me, and think ONLY POSITIVE thoughts for a week and you will be amazed by the results.

Do you want want success….   health…  freedom…  and wealth… MORE than you want to think negatively?

This is a serious question.

How badly do you want positive change in your life?

YES – The Secret Course is amazing…. It is the best Law of Attraction course in the world, that not only reveals the exact steps you need to take each step of the way, it even goes one step further in BOOK I and shows you how to erase your past, put it behind you, forgive yourself and even erase your negative programming and replace it with positive programming.

YES – I hear about all the positive results people are getting….  and it truly does excite me.  I love knowing that I am spreading good will in the world and improving peoples lives.

BUT….thinking Positive Thoughts for 7 short days is a HUGE first step in the right direction, and it is 100% free.

So what does this one week journey entail?

It means that you will actively attempt, from the moment you wake up, to think only positive thoughts.  When brushing your teeth, when in the shower, when driving to work, you name it, you will be thinking positive thoughts.

They can be positive affirmations, or a positive spin on a situation, or envisioning an positive outcome.

So if someone cuts you off in traffic, you may get angry or irritated, but as quickly as humanly possible you let that go, and and replace it with a positive thought.

Remember, you are doing this FOR YOU.  When someone else does something that makes you angry or upset, you are letting these negative emotions steal from you.  Negative emotions rob you of your birthright of abundance.  They steal your happiness, your wealth…  your health and prosperity.

If you are the forgiving type…  GREAT.  forgive things as fast as you can.

BUT, if you are NOT the forgiving type, then think of it as being greedy, and letgo of that anger and frustration for your own benefit.

It is okay to be selfish…   you should put your own needs higher than the need to feel negative.

Of course you will still have to do your normal routine and job activities and such, but remember…  be selfish…. and no matter who says what or who does what….  you are going to remain positive.

It is only 1 week.   You can do this for one week right?

Why are you doing this?

#1 For you health. Your body will be less acidic and everything will function better.  Remaining calm and thinking positive thoughts has shown to even slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure.  It can effect blood sugar too.

#2 Your Digestion. All health and energy for the body is dependent on your ability to digest your food and extract the nutrients from it.  Positive thoughts and a calm state of being can greatly improve your digestion.

#3 For Longevity. Many studies have been done on aging and on centurions (people who live past 100 years of age) and the one thing they have found that all centurions have n common is a positive outlook on life.

#4 For Success. The most successful people in the world are all positive can-do thinkers.  It doesn’t matter how smart you are or how much money you start with, what matters is how well trained your mind is to think positively.  Whatever you can perceive you can achieve.

#5 It feels good. Positive thoughts feel good.  Obviously they feel much better than negative thoughts.  But did you know that thinking a certain way becomes addictive?  So if you have been thinking negatively for a long time, you will crave the chemicals that are released in your body from negative thoughts, because you are so used to them you have grown addicted to them.  The same thing  can be said of positive thoughts too!  So get yourself addicted to positive thinking and you will truly feel great.

The vast majority of the population think mostly negative thoughts and they are addicted to these thoughts.  Why do you think the nightly news is so negative?  Why do you think there are so many more horror, action and drama movies than there are comedy’s?

Negativity sells.

It only sells because people are addicted to feeling that way.

Please give up the negative life and join with me on creating a new and positive life for yourself.  Give this one week…  and see how great you feel and how much smoother your days go and how much more enjoyable your job becomes and how much better you get along with the people you interact with.

There is plenty of time to get upset at people next week….   but this week….  this week is for you!  Be happy.  Be joyful.  Think all positive happy and joyous thoughts.

Who knows… maybe you will never want to go back!

I hope.

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