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Saving Money With Online Coupons Can Cost You Big

In this hectic world of ours most of us are constantly on the look out for a good deal.   Whenever I am making an online purchase and I find the box that says “coupon code” on the order page, it often pays to simply type in the name of the vendor and the word coupon into and see what comes up. for example almost always has a coupon running that will save you 5% – 20% on your order.  When I am purchasing domains I simply type in “godaddy coupon” into Google and visit the top pages that show up in the results and quickly get a coupon such as “BTPS7” which gives me 20% off my order of $50 or more.

There is another side to coupons though…   a darker side if you will.   Many people online are addicted to saving money and they may spend hours searching for a coupon to save a few bucks.  Some will even refuse to make a purchase at all unless they find a coupon for the site in question.

How does coupon shopping cost you money?

1) If you spend more than a few minutes of your time searching for a coupon, you are losing money on lost time.  Time is your most valuable resource.  No matter how much money you have you can never purchase more time.

There are people who will spend 4 hours searching for a $5 coupon.  Now ask yourself how much money could you have earned during that 4 hours?  Even with an hourly job paying minimum wage (in Washington State) you would have made $30.  If you work from home like me,  you could have set up a stream of income that would bring in $100’s of dollars month after month.

2) You risk setting up a mindset of lack.

What kind of mindset/vibration are you putting off when you spend hours looking for a coupon to save a few dollars?  While you search the net for a coupon to save $5 you are thinking like someone who is needy and who is living in lack.  You are in a desperate state of lack…  and the Law of Attraction says that you will attract more of that lack into your life.

Honestly if you can’t afford to purchase something because you don’t have a $5 coupon, I think you may want to make a serious change in your life to fix that lack you are creating.

In  Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad book, he tells the many lessons he learned as a child by watching his dad and his best friends dad.  His dad had a large house and appeared wealthy while his friends dad had a small run down house and appeared poor.

His dad would spend a lot of time looking for sales and coupons to save money to maintain his lifestyle, while his friends dad would spend all his time shopping around and searching for things to buy which made him money.

In the end, as you may guess, poor dad who lived humbly and purchased things that made him more money becomes a multi-millionaire, while rich dad is left struggling with a large mortgage payment.

The moral of the story is if you focus on using your time to bring you money, you will have more money.  If you spend your time focusing on how to get something cheaper because you can’t afford it, you will live a life where you can’t afford everything you desire and you will always be searching for coupons and sales.

As a side note…    Robert Kiyosaki has created an entire line of products based around his original book Rich Dad poor Dad.   I own a lot of his books, but if you don’t have a lot of time and you want to get to the heart of his wisdom so that you can begin making changes in your life today, I highly recommend  Rich Dad’s – 60 Minutes to Getting Rich

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