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38th Birthday Huge Sale is Now CLOSED FOREVER

Just wanted to get an update on here to let everyone know that the 24 hour, huge sale to celebrate my 38th birthday is now CLOSED.

It was a HUGE success…   Thank You to everyone involved.

The sale may be closed, but Things are STILL absolutely CRAZY around here.

I have answered 624 support tickets (not done yet either) and countless hundreds of emails.

We still have orders stacked up waist high here in my home office ready to be shipped.

My two Kids have been pitching in after school trying to help us catch up with all the orders.  They have been a super big help, (THANKS BOYS!)

I HOPE to have nearly every single order in the mail by Tuesday,  Feb 2nd.    YES, I will be working on these over the weekend.

All of my products (except The Printed Version of The Secret Course) are digital, and can be downloaded immediately after ordering, so shipping this many products is something completely new to me.

I am happy so many people took me up on this offer, but I honestly had no idea it would be this big of a hit.

The looks the neighbors have been giving me when I load my kids into a car that is filled nearly to the roof with packages…..    surprised
Let’s just say it has be interesting!

It was also a strange sort of fun going into the Local Staples, and buying all their CD sized shipping packages the week before the sale, and then going back in and buying out everything once again, which they say they just got back in stock.

In fact, we had to hit Office Depot too, just to have enough mailing materials.
So now I know.  Next time, I will be ready.

Even the web server took a beating.  At one point over 2,000 people were trying to access the big sale at exactly the same time.  I had to contact my hosting company and do some “load balancing”…   but before I hold a huge event like this again I plan to upgrade my server so it can handle everyone.
Thank you to everyone who helped put this huge celebration together.

Thank you to everyone who made my birthday such a special day this year.  I love all the emails and cards I received.

It is truly my great privilege to spend another year with all of you great people.   Thank you for reading this site.  Thank you for reading my weekly newsletter…  and thank you all for being my friends!

I love you all,

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