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John returns from a long quest for happiness!

For over a month (41 days to be exact) I have been on a journey of self discovery. A quest to find happiness…  with surprising results! First off, I am lucky enough to have discovered how to make money on the internet even when I am nowhere near a computer.   Using the techniques found in …Continue reading

Make Money For Taking Photos (Pictures) With a Digital Camera!

Making Money By Going To A Carnival. This weekend was a real eye opener for me. Most of you know that I have been making money on the internet since 1999. I thought I had seen it all…. until I went to the fair with my neighbors this weekend.

It was at the fair that I discovered their money making secret.

Our friends, the Patrick’s, called us up on Friday to extend an invitation to join their family at the fair in Waterville, Washington this Saturday. They told us there were rides, food, animals and even a rodeo. It sounded like fun, so we accepted their invitation.

Both of our families had a blast as our kids went on rides and we walked through the many animal barns. It wasn’t until the pony rides that I noticed that Sheila was taking pictures with a very expensive looking camera. I watched her snap twenty to thirty pictures of her daughter as she rode the pony.

We made small talk about the camera and the expensive lens that she was using and how she had a 16GB memory card installed so she was not worried at all about running low on space. In fact, she said she could take over 2,500 pictures on that memory card.

I was impressed… but I was also a little perplexed. It didn’t seem to make sense at the time….

But the truth was coming.

Later I found myself watching my first Rodeo. It was a very interesting experience…. which brought up mixed feelings of excitement and sympathy.

It was here that I noticed that Michael also had a very nice camera similar to Sheila’s. When I asked him about it he told me all the cool details about his camera.

During the fourth horse race of the night, one of the horses hit the fence and threw the rider off. I was armed with my “shirt pocket camera”, a Canon SD 600, which although cheap in price, still takes great 5MP pictures. I managed to capture a picture of the rider just as he was falling off the horse.

I showed the picture to Michael and asked him what he thought. He said “Wow John, that’s a hundred dollar picture”. I thought it was an odd expression, but he then told me that he expected to make a thousand dollars off the fair and watching the Rodeo.

I was shocked! All I do at the fair is spend money… usually a couple hundred dollars. How in the world was he going to make money off coming to the fair and watching the free rodeo?

He showed me a picture he had taken during the accident. It was a close-up of the horse’s leg, and it was covered in blood. I had no idea the horse was injured. He was deeply moved about the animals injury and was worried about the safety of the horse and the rider.

It was an amazing picture, considering the accident had taken place on the opposite side of the track. They announced that the riders (two more had fallen off during that race) were up and walking.

I decided to get some refreshments and Michael asked me to get him a strawberry lemonade. He pulled a wad of cash out of his pocket that appeared to be all twenties and he slipped me two of them and asked if I would get everyone something to drink… on him.

Here I was thinking I am a master of the Law of Attraction, and a virtual money magnet, yet my neighbor from across the street must know something that I didn’t, because last year at this time they were struggling with money.

As I walked to the drink stand, I wondered how Michael and Sheila had the money for those expensive camera’s and why he was carrying several hundred dollars in his pocket. I knew that Michael worked at an apple processing plant in town and Sheila was a stay at home mom with no income… so there had to be something that I was missing.

I returned with the drinks and thanked Michael. I was happy for him and his new found success, but I had to know….

So I just came out and asked him…

“Mike… hope you don’t mind my asking, but things seem to be going really well for you…. couple of new cameras, pocket full of cash….”

He looked me straight in the eye… leaned in close… and said….

“I Make Money Selling Pictures ”

“It started as something the wife and I liked to do just for fun. One day she found this site on the internet that said you can make money with your digital camera. So we started putting our favorite pictures online and people started downloading them. Every time someone downloads one of our pictures we get paid money.”

He went on to tell me that they made two thousand dollars within the first 90 days. Since they love photography, even though they don’t know much about it, they bought a $500 camera. That month they made about twenty five hundred dollars…. so they bought a second $500 camera.

Now they both have very nice high end cameras… you know the kind with the long lenses that let you zoom in all the way across a race track.

As he is telling me this, he gets a silly smile on his face and says “People are downloading our pictures right now and I am making money as I explain this to you.”

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I chuckled, because he knows that I make money online, and have told him he should look into making money online like me. He was using my line… on me! ha ha ha…

He said he barely knows how to use a computer… but he can point a camera and take a picture.

He told me it’s extremely easy… and fun… to make money taking photographs.

“Anyone with a decent digital camera can do it.”

I joked with him and gave him a nudge with my elbow when I said “Aren’t you worried about the competition? What if I take this up and start selling photos too?”

“Two people can be at the same place at the same time and take completely different pictures. Look at us and that last race. You took a picture of the jocky being thrown from the horse, and I took a close-up of the horse’s injury as it ran on without a rider. ”

There is no competition. There are millions of people downloading pictures everyday.

Starting making money off your digital photos.

Imagine getting paid for everywhere you visit, just by taking some photos. I told Michael about my Yellowstone Vacation that we took earlier this year (see some of my photos here) and he told me that I should be able to make several hundred dollars from those photos alone.

Wow… so I saved a ton of money on gasoline during the drive, and now I can make money from the photos that I took? Unbelievable…

The best part, is that once you put the photos online, you keep making money from them as long as people download them. This means you could make money for years and years on one photo alone!

Who knows… I might be able to make a profit on going on vacations like Michael and Sheila are doing.

I just knew I had to share this with all of you. I know you want to make money… and why not make it in an easy and fun fashion… like taking pictures.

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will this pig picture make me rich?

How much money will this silly picture make me?


All the places that people like to go… picnics, visits to the big city, old country houses, farm fields, animals, landscapes, rivers and waterfalls, hiking, bicycling… you name it…. you can photograph it and make money by sharing your photographs with others.

Best Wishes,

PS- Please leave a comment here to let us all know how well this works for you. Continue reading