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Health benefits of meditation

Meditation is very good for your mind and body. Here are just a few of the health benefits (taken from Extraordinary Health Meditation)   Reducing and Controlling Blood Pressure  Murphy and Donovan, The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation, Institute of Noetic Sciences, 1997 Chronic Pain Reduced more than 50% Kabat-Zinn, Clinical Journal of Pain …Continue reading

3 Free Natural Hypnosis Downloads (MP3 Audio)

I have a exciting free gift for you today – 3 FULL hypnosis audio downloads (which usually sell for $44.91)! I don’t know anywhere else which gives away 3, full length hypnosis downloads, but this is exactly what my friends at Natural Hypnosis are offering:  Download Yours Right Here  .  . This is NATURAL HYPNOSIS! …Continue reading

How I cheated my way to success!

. I am a cheater…. and I am proud of it. The PROOF IS HERE You see, I cheated my way to success. I took this shortcut, because I’d rather take the easy way out. The way I saw it, I had two choices. #1 – I could put in years of hard work, or …Continue reading

38th Birthday Huge Sale is Now CLOSED FOREVER

Just wanted to get an update on here to let everyone know that the 24 hour, huge sale to celebrate my 38th birthday is now CLOSED. It was a HUGE success…   Thank You to everyone involved. The sale may be closed, but Things are STILL absolutely CRAZY around here. I have answered 624 support tickets …Continue reading

Conversational Hypnosis Gives You Power Over People

I had to seriously think hard before sending this to you today. Conversational Hypnosis YES – this is controversial ….and it might unsettle you. But it is the truth… and it is happening now. So here goes… Conversational Hypnosis Three Sunday’s ago I attended the fair in Cashmere Washington. I had no idea that I …Continue reading

Subliminal Videos – Fastest Shortcut To Manifesting

Most of the tools that we work with for self development deal with the conscious mind. Tools like Manifesting Cards, Affirmations and Vision Boards are all powerful tools to help us create a better life…. Subliminal Videos, on the other hand, are designed to program the subconscious mind. According to Wikipedia the term subconscious is …Continue reading

The Truth About Hypnosis and Hypnosis Scripts

Unfortunately when people hear the word Hypnosis what springs to mind for many is a stage act, where a hypnotist grabs an unsuspecting audience member and swings a pocket watch in front of their face while chanting “you are getting sleepy”. The act usually ends with the hypnotized person doing something embarrassing such as clicking …Continue reading