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Subliminal Videos – Fastest Shortcut To Manifesting

Most of the tools that we work with for self development deal with the conscious mind. Tools like Manifesting Cards, Affirmations and Vision Boards are all powerful tools to help us create a better life….

Subliminal Videos, on the other hand, are designed to program the subconscious mind. According to Wikipedia the term subconscious is defined as “existing or operating in the mind beneath or beyond conscious awareness.”

How does the mind “learn” things?  In a word….  Repetition.

Remember learning the ABC’s when you were a child?  All you had to do was to repeat “A” over and over or sing that little alphabet song until one day you found yourself knowing the entire alphabet.

Repetition is how humans program their mind, and that is exactly how Subliminal Videos are designed.  They are short and to the point, and they loop back and repeat over and over so that your subconscious “learns”.

Subliminal Videos, are designed to attract a better life and over come barriers…. One of them, the 5k Per Day Video,  is specifically oriented towards attracting money to you…

Subliminal Videos break down long standing road blocks that prevent you from having the life that you desire most.

In order to be most effective, you should not try to read the words when they appear. Subliminal Videos are designed to work on a subconscious level… not the conscious level..

The first thing I wanted to know was what every word said and I wanted to censor it and make sure it all met with my approval…. which of course is completely the opposite of how subconscious programming works…

In fact, once you are consciously aware of what each word says in the Subliminal Video, your conscious mind will resist what it doesn’t think is true…

For example, if the words “I am healthy” were to flash up, and your conscious awake mind knew that those words were on the screen , your mind – in a split second – would evaluate if that were true or not. If you had a cold, or anything wrong with your health, your conscious mind would reject it and say “this is not true”.

The same goes for “I am wealthy” if your conscious mind does not think that you are wealthy, it will reject the words.

The subconscious on the other hand does not judge. It will simply accept the programming of “I am wealthy”… and if the subconscious mind is repeatedly told that it is wealthy, after awhile it will believe it. Your subconscious mind will expect to be wealthy… and when this happens everything in your life will begin to shift in order to support that belief.

Your conscious rational mind makes it’s decisions based on what has been programmed into your subconscious mind.

When you see a million dollar mansion, your conscious mind – in a fraction of a second – reaches down into your subconscious mind and decides how it wants to react to the visual of a million dollar mansion.

How you view it is completely dependent on what you have programmed your subconscious mind  over all the your years of life.

Some will see it and think “It must be nice”…. or “Wish I could have one of those”…. or “wonder who they robbed to get that”.

If you believe that money is bad, or that being a millionaire is somehow bad, you are going to push that away from you. You will keep yourself from ever feeling welcome to having a million dollar mansion.

What if you could program your subconscious mind to accept the belief that you are wealthy and that you live in a million dollar mansion?

Using the Subliminal Videos you can do just that… and it’s as easy as watching the videos for as little as ten minutes a day…

Now when you see a million dollar mansion, you think “YES”… and you will pull it toward you.

You will accept wealth, and no longer push it away.

But this doesn’t work JUST for million dollar mansions… it works for everything you want.

As you can see… this all begins at the subconscious level…. and working there is a HUGE short cut to your success.

You can say “I live in a mansion” every single day for a year, and while a positive affirmation such as this is useful, it will NEVER have NEAR the impact of watching a Subliminal Video that shows you a picture of a million dollar mansion (a picture is worth a thousand words), along with audio and subliminal messages in the form of words that support the image that you are seeing.

That is why I strongly believe that Subliminal Videos are a major short cut to manifesting.

I believe it so much, that I am giving YOU a $97 Subliminal Video for free.

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Success Be With You,

– John Derrick

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