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Top 10 Things Happy People Have In Common

1.  Appreciation

Happy people make it a  habit to appreciate life.  They start each morning when they wake up and begin the day with an attitude of gratitude.  Be thankful that you are here right now, it is an amazing time to be alive.

2) Like Minded People

Happy people spend most of their time around like minded people.  If they surrounded themselves with friends that were  negative all the time, it would drag them down.  Be happy and find other happy people to be happy with.

3) Accepting

A key to happiness seems to be found in people who are accepting of circumstances and of other people.  You can’t control the entire world outside of you, so why get upset about what you have no power to control?  Accepting people for who they are will bring about a lot less frustration than trying to change everyone all the time.

4) Keep Mentally Active

Happy people are always stimulated.  They engage in things and are constantly learning.  It is good to keep mentally active and studies show that mentally active people are generally happier and live longer, dementia free, lives.

5) Laugh

Happy people are not afraid to laugh.  Live, love and laugh and you will be healthy, wealthy and wise, or at least the so the saying goes.  Try not to take yourself to seriously.  No one is perfect and if you can laugh at yourself, and at sometimes bad situation, it will go a long ways to making for a happier and longer life.superhappy

6) Forgive

Holding a grudge is like holding a hot coal, the only person it is going to burn will be you.  Forgiving others will bring about peace of mind.  Don’t forget to forgive yourself, you can’t be burden with guilt and expect to be a happy person.

7) Do what you love

Given the  choice between two jobs,  the first one paying  less but  doing what you loved and the second one paying more but doing something you hates, happy people would chose the first job.  When you do what you love, you never work a day in your life.  Your job may very well be the biggest use of your time in your day, and if you hate what you are doing you can’t expect to be happy.

8) Good Problem Solving

Everyone faces setbacks, but it is how you deal with them that defines who you are.  Happy people never wallow in self pity or waste more than a day feeling sorry for themselves.  The next day they  pick themselves up and set out to find the positive.  When something bad happens, if you look for it you will usually see that a new door has opened to something even better.  Learn to trust your gut instincts and trust your judgments.

9) Take care of your health.

Happy people value their health.  It is hard to be happy when you are in pain or physically suffering.  Whatever the cost is, you deserve to be healthy and able bodied.

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10) Meditation 

Studies clearly show that meditation improves your mood as well as brings about positive health changes.  Meditation gives your busy brain a chance to rest without sleeping and results in improved energy and higher brain functions.


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