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The Longest Day

Yesterday I wrote about living in the moment.   I did this off and on throughout the day, having at least a dozen “in the moment” experiences and something strange happened.

I had a HIGHLY productive day.  Far more productive than normal, even though I was taking time to stop and be in the moment.

I also kept finding myself looking at the clock and being surprised that it was so much earlier than I expected.  By 12 noon it felt like 3:30 (when my kids come home from school).

It was almost as if time had slowed down for the day, which makes sense if you think about it.

Remember when you were a kid?  The days went on forever.  Time moved slower then.  The older you get the faster time seems to move along.  Is it a coincidence that kids spend more time “living in the moment” than adults?  Perhaps there is a connection.

In summary, here is what Living in the moment did for me:

  • Drastically improved my mood
  • Slowed time
  • Increased productivity

What a wonderfully easy, and free tool to use.

Why don’t you give it a try?

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