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An Attitide of Gratitude or Act of Compassion? You Decide!

HappyWhen Laurie told me this heart warming story, I asked her if I could share it with everyone on my site.  She quickly agreed and she asked me to share her website with everyone also.

Laurie’s website shows you how to keep a Daily Gratitude Journal On Your Computer

This morning, the kids and I were at our local AM/PM. The lady in front of me in line was counting out change and worrying about her fuel light being on in her car. She said, “I don’t get paid until Monday.” She was an older lady and was apologetic offering to let me go ahead of her.

I said, no don’t worry about it. I handed the guy a 20 and told him to take 5 out of it and add it to her change.

She was so thankful and grateful it was embarrassing for me. She just went on and on. I said “Don’t worry about it, I have been there myself at times, I appreciate a chance to help out when I can.”

Well we were both out filling our tanks on opposite sides of the pump. She came over and asked me if I had a computer. I said yes. he said, “Do you have a printer?” I said, well yes I have a black and white one. (I use a laser printer, haven’t had a good working inject in some time, get my photos printed at Walgreens)

Anyhow, she says, I have a printer in my car you can have, I don’t need it. I figured what the heck, if it made her feel better. (figured it was some old printer she was on her way to goodwill with. :o)

She gets in her car and brings over a box, (brand new, never opened) of a brother, printer/scanner/copier/photoprinter all in one.

I gasped in surprise. I said this is definitely worth more than $5. I said, I can sure use it, but let me pay you some more for it. She said no, she was just so moved by the kindness I showed her. She said, “That just doesn’t happen anymore these days”

My kids were sitting in the car watching it all unfold with there mouths gaping wide open….”


To Visit Laurie’s Site:  Click Here

I think Laurie’s story is a good example of the power of compassion.

When you consider the Butterfly effect ( ), which says that a butterfly’s wings might create tiny changes in the atmosphere that ultimately can cause a tornado to appear… you realize that every deed (good and bad) can and do effect things that may appear unrelated around the globe.

Sounds a bit pretentious, I know… but my point is that when something moves someone such as this, it also moves every one who observed it and each of the observers carry this internal change forward in them, and it affects how they interact with the world which in turn effects everyone they encounter.

Now that the story is being shared here, it is impacting countless others.

Let’s not forget about the Law of Attraction here.  Knowing that Laurie keeps a gratitude journal and maintains a positive attitude, one could say that she attracted that much needed printer into her life. 

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