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Quantum Cookbook: Manifesting – (With Huge Bonus Below)

The Quantum Cookbook

The Quantum CookbookMost of you know that I have been studying The Law of Attraction and the power of Manifesting most of my adult life…. long before it was it was given the title “Law of Attraction”.

I have cured myself of two diseases doctors claimed incurable, lost over a 100lbs, and improved my life in many ways… and yes… I have even written a step by step Law of Attraction course for others who want to do the same. I feel that I am more than qualified to review Law of Attraction materials.

Product Review: The Quantum Cookbook

Most of the products that I review on the Law of Attraction are… for lack of a better word… junk.

I am excited to say that this is NOT the case with The Quantum Cookbook.

Reality is… The Law of Attraction is not being presented correctly to the public. The Quantum Cookbook goes behind the scenes and reveals the naked truth for all to see!

FRED ALAN WOLF reveals the truth about the Law of Attraction and explains EXACTLY why it CAN NOT work the way that it is being presented to the public. Fred Alan Wolf starred in both The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know… this is the first time I have ever heard him speak the truth about both movies and he reveals exactly what they left out.

JAMES ARTHUR RAY – Another star of The Secret and frequent guest of Larry King Live and Oprah tells how The Secret LEFT OUT the CRITICAL manifestation laws of success. He manifested his own appearance on Oprah… but it took him NINE YEARS…. he explains why it took him SOOOO LONG…. and reveals how you can use “harmony” to turbocharge your manifesting!

JOE VITALE Shares the single most important secret to manifesting. He should know, this self made millionaire is in hot demand and even before his staring role in The Secret people were paying him thousands of dollars for this information. I have been a student of Joe’s for several years now… and if he tells me something is important I always listen closely!

One thing I want to stress is that The Quantum Cookbook is not hype or fluff. This is the real deal… an expose on The Secret and the Truth about The Law of Attraction.

I’ve ranted in the past on how What the Bleep doesn’t tell you the truth… and I’ve told you to see for yourself on Wikipedia. What I didn’t know… until The Quantum Cookbook pulled back the curtain… is that many of the people you see in these movies do not agree with the “facts” that are presented in the movie that they were in. The stars of these movies have no editorial control…. So for the first time I got to hear straight from them what THEY REALLY THINK.

Please understand…. I own hundreds of Law of Attraction books, CD’s, tapes, videos… and I have been coached by some of the best… So I was VERY surprised to learn so much from The Quantum Cookbook.

Right off the bat I learned something amazing called: How to KILL the WHITE BEAR SYNDROME. Simply use this trick and you will stop thinking about things you shouldn’t be. I don’t know about you, but I often find my mind stuck on something negative… and while I have been trained to think positive… I still find times when I can’t stop myself from thinking about something I shouldn’t be. NOT ANYMORE… I just apply this simple trick and I can release it.

Yes… I learned a LOT from The Quantum Cookbook. I feel great endorsing this product with all of my heart.

Best of all it’s as easy as inserting an audio CD into your CD Player. Listen in your car… on your computer… at work or at home…. and let The Secrets pour out your speakers or headphones!!

I could write another twenty pages about The Quantum Cookbook…..

However, don’t take my word for it. Click Here and discover how easy it is for yourself.

Tell them John Derrick sent you.

Manifesting CardsHUGE BONUS: (Added 7-16-2008)

When you get The Quantum Cookbook
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I will give you the Manifesting Cards ebook absolutely free!

In my personal experience, nothing is more powerful than Manifesting with Gratitude Cards.  It’s quick and easy… and best of all it really works!  It’s a bargain at $29….  but you can have it completely free…  when you pick up your copy of The Quantum Cookbook.

This offer may be removed at any time, so don’t delay.  Just use the link above to order your copy of The Quantum Cookbook, and then CONTACT ME using THIS LINK, and I’ll send you the Manifesting Cards course absolutely free!

It’s my way of trying to make the world a better place.

The Quantum Cookbook


Here is how you get your free copy of the Manifesting Cards as my free gift.

STEP 1 –  Order the Quantum Cookbook using –> THIS LINK.

STEP 2 – Open a support ticket to let me know using –> THIS LINK.

That’s all there is to it.

When you open the support ticket tell me your name you use the same email address you did when you ordered the Quantum Cookbook, and I will be able to verify your order usually in 24 hours.

Soon you will receive a reply from me with instant access to your free bonus.

Have any questions?  Ask away


PS – You can’t get this deal ANYWHERE else except here.  I am the only person with the rights to the Manifesting Cards course.

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