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Perception is everything…

All of us see the world differently, because people see what they want to see. If you wanted to break it down it would require a complicated formula that took into account your childhood, value system, religious beliefs, every influence in your life and your genetic makeup. Yeah… that would be one complicated formula. When …Continue reading

Worrying Away Your Prosperity and Abundance

There is no reason why you should spend a single minute of your time worrying. Nothing good can come from it. It may seem natural to worry occasionally, when difficult situations arise… but some people worry often, usually focusing on a specific area of their life, such as health, a relationship, children, or money. Worse …Continue reading

Video Parody of The Secret, How To Master Your Negativity! HUMOR

You’ve seen The Secret, you’ve seen What the Bleep, but have you seen The Key? Yes, The Key will help you to harness the incredible power of negative thinking! Warning: There is a naughty curse word in this video. I thought everyone may get a laugh out of this.

The Format of This Site

Hello everyone, To keep me on track, here is going to be the new format of the site. Your input is requested! Leave a comment or shoot me an email and let me know what you want to see more of on here. I will listen. As of now, the schedule will be as follows: …Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day – Funny Mother Days Humor For You!

Happy Mothers Day everyone. Be sure to express your love and appreciation for mom today. Buy her some flowers or get her a card, or at the very least give her call. Skype is giving everyone free calls to any phone number in the world today, so you don’t have any excuse! I was sent …Continue reading

Spirituality – Without All The Serious Hang Ups

We are all spiritual energy beings who are currently having a human experience, but a spiritual person is a person who is conscious of both the physical world and the invisible non-physical world, while a non-spiritual person focuses solely on what can be perceived by the five senses in the physical world. The difference is …Continue reading

Sign Of OurTimes

I came across this story, and I had to share it with all of you with the title:  SIGN OF THE TIMES