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Worrying Away Your Prosperity and Abundance

worry anxietyThere is no reason why you should spend a single minute of your time worrying. Nothing good can come from it.

It may seem natural to worry occasionally, when difficult situations arise… but some people worry often, usually focusing on a specific area of their life, such as health, a relationship, children, or money.

Worse yet, there are people who worry constantly. These people will even create a difficult problem or situation just to have something “real” to worry about.

“There is nothing that can’t be made worse by constant worry!” John Derrick

or, it could be re-phrased positively as:

“Everything can be made worse by constant worry!” John Derrick

Everyone in medicine knows that anxiety puts undo strain on your body.

What most people don’t realize is that it also pushes your success further away by attracting to you more of what you are worrying about.

So why worry?

Worrying about something does not solve it. It makes it worse. If a problem or set back arises, worrying about it is the worst thing you can do. There are many things you can do instead of worrying. Try mentally formulating a plan, then take the action that is best suited to deal with the problem. Reflect on your past thoughts and actions and see how they tie in with this new problem.

If you worry constantly, then you are constantly thinking negatively. Sometimes it’s as simple as discovering how to be a positive thinker that can eliminate anxiety and negative thoughts. has a free course that can make a world of difference. These little tweaks and subtle changes in your thoughts can drastically improve your life.

Here is an oldie that still puts a smile on my face. Hopefully it will put a smile on yours also.

me worry
The Power Of Positive Thinking
Enjoy A New Outlook On Life

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