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Free Feel Good Video From Natalie

Here is a great free video for you this fine Monday. I found it inspirational and uplifting. I think you will too. You can click on the image of the video… or…. Use this link now: The video is from a friend of mine… Natalie. You may know her from the “Mind Movies” fame. …Continue reading

Run Your Car On Water – Convert Any Car To Run On Water?

A good friend of mine just sent me a link to this site: Run Your Car On Water My initial response was skeptical. The idea of running a car on water seems pretty far fetched. . Naturally, I began to do some research and I found this video series: . . Why have I never …Continue reading

Video – Cure Diabetes in 30 days – Video Documentary Proof of 6 People Who Do It!

I loved the movie Super Size Me where a man named Morgan Spurlock subjects himself to a steady diet of McDonald’s cuisine for 30 days just to see what happens. In this documentary you see Morgan go from fit to fat in less than a week. Spurlock grows fat, his cholesterol shoots up, his organs …Continue reading

Leaders Of The Future – Using Law of Attraction & Living From The Heart

In this 7 minute video Secret Teachers Lisa Nichols, Michael Beckwith , Jack Canfield and John Gray share their viewpoints on what characteristics leaders should have to succeed in the world today. Tony Robbins is included here, and although he has not openly used the term “law of attraction”, he has certainly been a teacher …Continue reading

4 Minute Law of Attraction Video Clip

I was sent this video in email and thought that I would share it with everyone here. I would say it’s more like a slide show than a video. It has text overlaying pictures with a nice background music. No advanced teachings in it, but it would server as a good intro into the Law …Continue reading

How to Compress Time for Manifestation – 2 Videos Show You How

Dattatreya Sri Siva gave the “Ah” meditation for manifesting to Wayne Dyer. Wayne Dyer has popularized this meditation throughout the world and in his best-selling book, “Manifest Your Destiny”, reports that many thousands of people have experienced tremendous results from using the meditation. Here Dattatreya Sri Siva will teach you advanced methods to compress time …Continue reading

I Will Pay You $100 To Learn The Law Of Attraction! Bob Proctors SGR Program!

I Want To Give You $100. Yes, I believe in the Law of Attraction so much, that I will give you $100 to learn it. Details Are Below: As most of you know, I am a big fan of Bob Proctor. He has had a very large impact on my life and on the successful …Continue reading

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