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Video – Cure Diabetes in 30 days – Video Documentary Proof of 6 People Who Do It!

I loved the movie Super Size Me where a man named Morgan Spurlock subjects himself to a steady diet of McDonald’s cuisine for 30 days just to see what happens. In this documentary you see Morgan go from fit to fat in less than a week. Spurlock grows fat, his cholesterol shoots up, his organs take a beating, and he develops headaches, mood swings, symptoms of addiction, and even lessened sexual energy.

This movie really shows that you are what you eat, and if you eat crap like the fast food McDonald’s is peddling, you will become ill pretty quickly.

If you don’t own Super Size me, BUY IT NOW and if you have kids, have them watch this movie. My kids never beg for McDonald’s anymore. In fact, my seven year old likes to refer to them as we drive by as Mc Crapolds and I let him because I feel his term is too accurate for correction.

In this new movie, called Raw for 30 days, six ordinary people, who up until now have been eating the Standard American Diet (also known as SAD), are put on a healthy raw foods diet. The results are amazing… I’ll let the video clip do the rest of the talking. I can’t wait to own this movie!!

The Doctors, and let’s be honest, the pharmaceutical companies that make millions of dollars a month selling us pills, would like us to believe that there is no cure for diabetes. This just isn’t true. The body can heal itself, with proper nutrition and… of course…. intention. Never forget intention!

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