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11 Cent Sales Means Ridiculously Low Prices!

I am launching something brand new… right now… and you are going to want to be the first one on board.

I am calling it an .11 cents sale.

The sale begins at .11 cents, and increases by .11 cents every time a purchase is made.


You know how much I love to spoil you. I try to give away as much as I can, but some things I am not allowed to give away, for one reason or another.

Now I can reward YOU with RIDICULOUSLY LOW PRICES…..

WARNING: Every 11 cent sale will be mailed to the members of my newsletter 24 hours before they appear here. If you want to know about these sales before the rest of the internet, you need to join my newsletter by Clicking Here.

Because subscribers to my newsletter hear about the crazy 11 cent sales before the public does, they get the killer deals!

Here is how it works:

Say I have an important ebook that I really want you to benefit from. I make an 11 cent sale — like the one I am launching right this second:

ACT QUICK – The quicker you act, the better the deal!

With a retail of $47…. The first person to buy this life changing book, will steal it from me for just 11 cents. The second person will get it for 22 cents because the price goes up by 11 cents each sale. Even if you are the 20th person to steal this book, you’ll still get it for just over two bucks!

It’s my way of saying thanks.

Oh… and I think it’s a lot of fun too…

Questions, comments or feedback?

PS – If you are not on my mailing list don’t worry… the link to the sale that is going on right now will appear on this site in a post I will make tomorrow…

PPS – Even though it may be too late for this 11 cent sale, you should still join my newsletter so you never miss another one!

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