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Subliminal Money Magnet Video – Free

Happy Mothers day everyone.

My gift to all of you is this free subliminal video.

For those of you who do not already know, subliminal videos flash text and/or imagery on the screen during the video. The object or text is flashed to fast in the subliminal video that your conscious mind will be completely unaware of it. At the most you will see a flash of words, but you will have no idea what they say.

The best theory on how subliminal videos and subliminal messages work, is that the messages that they contain are able to bypass your conscious mind and go straight to work on your subconscious mind.

Subliminal messages exploit the idea that our mind can process a lot more information than it lets on.

If you’re watching a video that contains subliminal messages, chances are that the message will only appear for one or two frames. Which means that the messages will only show on screen for a fraction of a second. Fast enough for our subconscious mind to notice them but far too fast for our main, conscious, mind to notice them at all.

Even though the effectiveness of subliminal messages in advertising is still being debated by many “experts”, the governments of the USA, UK and Australia have banned the use of subliminal advertising on television and in movie theaters.

So now is your chance to test it out on yourself. I have heard dozens of people swear that this video I am about to share with you has changed their lives, by improving their self confidence and making them feel more in control. Stress is reported to fade away while watching and listening to this video. The most amazing thing… and one that I find hard to believe… is that people are claiming that their income has shot up dramatically after watching this subliminal video.

I will let you judge for yourself….

Here is your 100% free… no strings attached… Subliminal Video (CLICK HERE)

Please let me know in the comments here how this subliminal video works for you. Give it a week before you post here…. subliminal videos need some time to produce dramatic effects.

Warmest Regards,

John Derrick

PS – Be sure to download yours right now, because I am limited as to how many copies I am legally allowed to give away!

Free Subliminal Video


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