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All that is real is either love or fear

Those of you who know me, know that I have written a lot about the law of attraction.  I am the creator of the best selling Secret Course, have been interviewed many times and even been the guest on several radio shows.

Yes, there are many products and many teachers out there which can help you focus your mind, lift your spirits and motivate you and point you in the right direction…


In the end, all that really matters is this:

Are you coming from Love or Fear?

That’s it.  You are either coming from a place of love or coming from a place of fear.

I know that this truth is not going to be popular with most people, but it is the truth nonetheless.

I know that WEALTH and MONEY is the most sought after use for the Law of Attraction, which is exactly why the Extraordinary Wealth Meditation  has shown such insane interest  (Keep in mind that at the time of this writing it has not even been released to the public yet).

You can attract insane amounts of money into your life, and many people have, and yet they still find challenges.  It turns out that many millionaires are not happy.

That’s because they did nothing to deal with the fear.

If you have not done so, I highly recommend you watch the movie LEAP!.

I just re-watched it this weekend with my kids and got a whole new level of meaning from it.  It really is amazing how that works.

It is much easier to understand something intellectually than it is to “get it” on a deeper level and experience the feeling of it.

Here is an example:

In the movie Leap, they often use the analogy of the world being a movie.  The idea is that the world is not something that is coming at you, but rather something that is coming from you.  You create the world.  You project the world onto the canvas of physical reality.

So intellectually, you can understand that yelling back at the person on the movie screen is not going to do much good.  Getting scared and reacting to the movie does not actually change the movie.

If you want to change the movie (aka: the world playing around you) you have to change what is being projected.

In the movie analogy you would change the film, and then the projector would show a different movie on the screen.

In the movie you are staring in, you would need to change what is inside of you and then what is outside of you changes.  You are both the projector and the starring actor.

After thinking about it, you may refuse this idea or you may decide to get it intellectually.

I mean it makes sense, we’ve all read this many times before.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare

Every religion states (in their own way) how this reality we live in is not real and that after this life you get to experience eternity in a “real” or “true” existence.

Scientists have now learned that atoms are not the physical things we once thought and we know now that our thoughts and feelings change how they behave.

So your thoughts and feelings (emphasis on the feelings) are shaping the world around you.  You are projecting a movie (or a game) for you to star in and you are choosing to play out your role(s) in it.

But how long can you hold on to that truth before the illusion of the world makes you too busy and sucks you back into the game/movie?

This goes WAY beyond the law of attraction.  This is the deepest understanding of reality, of which the law of attraction is merely a tip of the iceberg.

Yes, you can manifest incredible things using techniques such as the Manifesting Cards, but if you want to change EVERYTHING in the world around you (no limits) you have to let go of fear and fill yourself with love.

If there is something in your world you don’t like, then find it inside of you and give it love. In fact, anytime you want to change something outside of you instead of trying to make the changes in the physical world, where you are sure to create new problems along the way, instead make the changes inside of you.

Turns out the Beatles were right all along:

All you need is love.

98% of the people who read this are going to think I am out of my mind.  I know.  I didn’t write it for them.

I wrote it for you.

You can change the whole world with love.

All my love,





– John Derrick



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