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Top 5: Common Law of Attraction Mistakes

Mistake Number One: Expecting your imagination to be enough.

You can sit around all day imagining things, but that does not make anything happen.  Using the law of attraction is much more than using your imagination.  We all should be thankful of this too, since we often imagine things we do not want!

Your ability to imagine things does come in handy, and can give your ability to shape and control your life an added boost, but imagination alone is not enough.

Mistake Number Two: The feeling roller coaster.

You need to use consistent focus on what you want.  You can’t focus on having something for 10 minutes and then spend the rest of the day realizing that you don’t have it and how much it hurts you to not have it.  This should be obvious all to often it is not.

It can be particularly challenging to overcome health problems with the law of attraction because each time you feel pain it reminds you of the problem, but if you plot a course and follow it with intent and focus, and do your best to see yourself well, you will go a long way toward your healing.

Mistake Number Three: Focusing on the Spiritual only (while you go broke)

There is nothing spiritual about being broke.  Don’t think that having money is a bad thing.  It is not.  You can do a LOT more good in the world if you have money.

Money equals personal power.  You can not travel with out money.  You can not help others effectively without money.  If you are a good person, money will allow you to do more good.  If you are a bad person, money will allow you to do more bad.

Money is never bad and it should never be shunned.  If you think only bad people are rich, you need to overcome that belief.

Mistake Number Four:

Focusing on Money only (While you feel empty inside)

As mentioned above, money empowers you, but it is your lives work that fulfills you. It is great to have money, but one should never solely focus on money.  Friendships, family, love, romance, helping others, these are all rewarding and fulfilling aspects of your life that are more important than money.  Money may come and go, but your relationships with others, if nurtured, can last a lifetime.


Mistake Number Five: Using Affirmations Only.

Yes, affirmations are useful, but there are far more powerful tools these days.  Try using a Manifesting Card which incorporates all the power of the following law of attraction tools:  Positive Thinking, Daily Affirmations, the Gratitude Method, and Vision Boards.  When you combine all the power of the top 5 law of attraction methods into one tool, you get dramatic results.


My Advice:

I advise you to read and re-read until you fully understand a complete law of attraction course that has been proven to work with hundreds of individuals.

When it comes to the Law of Attraction it seems that everyone claims to know the answers, yet their lives are often a mess.  You will find conflicting information online from these “teachers”.

I highly recommend The Secret Course as the premiere law of attraction course.  It is proven and it leads you step by step and gives you all the tools you need to harness the power of the law of attraction.

Use The Secret Course and you can avoid the 30 most common mistakes in the law of attraction.


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