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First Step To Success & Law of Attraction

The First Step

When I created Your Secret Course, the first thing I did was create a way for you to discover exactly what it is in your life that is not working for you. I know this may sound negative, but it is the first step to having the life of your dreams.

After you know everything that is not working for you, you simply apply an easy 2 step processes and you have solved every problem. It’s that easy.

Better yet, you will now know exactly what it is that you DO want to attract into your life. Not what everyone else thinks you need. Not what society has conditioned you to believe that you want.. but what you truly need deep down inside… specific to you. Your needs will be different from every other person on the planet, because you are one of a kind.

I set it up this way because most people do not realize what it is that they truly desire from life.

If you have ever wanted something so badly it hurt……. and yet after you had it, you realized you didn’t really want it anymore… you were still not happy.

This is what happens when you are using the Law of Attraction to attract things to you, but you don’t yet know what it is that you really want.

It is a complete waste of your time to use the Law of Attraction to get exactly what you think you want, only to find out that it doesn’t make you happy.

AFTER you know what it is that you truly want…. then it’s safe to use the advanced methods of the course to increase the speed the universe delivers your desires to you.

Make sure you know what you want BEFORE you attract it to you. You will be surprised when you realize what you really want versus what you think you want. Most people do not need what they think they do.

You can read about it here.


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