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Hard To Believe Law of Attraction – True Story

The Law of Attraction Can Work In Strange Ways!

Take what just happened to me for example….

Last week I found myself in Lowe’s hardware store shopping for a new garden hose.  I didn’t want a flimsy 5/8 inch hose either, I wanted a 3/4 inch industrial quality hose.  One that I knew would stand the test of time and not burst under the immense water pressure that irrigation water can occasionally deliver.

While I was in the store, my son Logan wanted to look at the kitchen displays that they had set up.  I agreed and we walked through them looking at the newest model dishwashers and refrigerators, counter tops and of course new cabinets.

But none of those things caught my eye.  What did strike me were the faucets.  I don’t know why, but I spent a great deal of time looking at all the fancy sink faucets.   They had a wide assortment of different styles, but  I really liked the one that allows you to extend the main faucet itself out of the fixture and reach up to 15 feet in to your kitchen.  Why you would need that is beyond me, but I certainly wanted to have it.

I have no idea why I spent so much time looking at them, there was nothing wrong with the kitchen faucet I had.  I already had a nice double stainless steel sink, with a perfectly good working faucet.

I wanted to buy one right there on the spot…  and even though I had the money I just couldn’t justify it in my mind.  Especially since the one I was interested in was  a couple hundred dollars.

In all honesty I almost bought one…. I mean what’s the point of attracting wealth if you can’t spend it on what you desire.  But it felt like a waste of money to replace something that worked perfectly.  Probably my blue collar upbringing.

My desire had been broadcast.  The Law of Attraction was already in action, even though I was not aware of it.

Tuesday night, less than a week later, Logan calls for me from the kitchen.  I was busy at the moment, but he assured me it was an emergency.

Logan had been rinsing his plate like a good boy, after and without warning the faucet began spraying water all over the place when it was turned on.  He was pretty upset and worried that he had done something wrong somehow (he is nine years old).

I had to laugh.

Logan was busy telling me how all he did was turn the water on to rinse his plate when it started shooting water across the kitchen.  I assured Logan he was not in any trouble…  and I shook my head and laughed.

There is no doubt in my mind that my desire to purchase a new faucet was what attracted this so-called problem.  The fact that our faucet had been working perfectly was the only thing holding me back from purchasing a new one.

That little problem has been solved.  I now have every reason to purchase a new faucet.

The LAW OF ATTRACTION Can Surprise Even Me In The Strange Ways It Delivers To Us What We Desire Most.

In fact,  while the kids are in school today I am going to the hardware store to shop for a new kitchen faucet.  Just like I wanted to.

Thank you universe.

Thank You.

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