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June 11 – The Next 11 Cent Sale – What Will Be Ridiculously Low Priced?

Mark your calendars….  June 11th will be the next amazing 11 cent sale.

This one is going to blow you away.

The first 11 cent sale was just a test to make sure everything worked perfectly.  (SEE IT HERE)  The results are in… and everyone got a great deal and every single person had their product instantly delivered after using paypal.

The test is over…

NOW COMES THE BIG SALE…  the one you have been waiting for.

I’m not going to spill the beans just yet, but I will say this…   I have sold this product for $300 for over a year now.  It’s amazing, effective and worth every penny.  I have NEVER had a single person who purchased this product disappointed.  NOT ONE PERSON!

And on June 11th I am going to give it away for a RIDICULOUSLY low price using the 11 cent sale format.

What do you need to do?????

Get on my mailing list right now! –  Because every 11 cent sale is sent out to members of my mailing list 24 hours before it appears on this website!   Thats a HUGE deal when you consider that the price increases 11 cents for every sale…

I can’t wait to reveal the amazing deal you’ll get on June 11….   Stay tuned for more.

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