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Manifest A House 70% Off Sale

The boldest thing you can ever do with the Law of Attraction is to attract yourself a house.

The ONLY course for Manifesting A House, which comes with a 100%  DOUBLE YOUR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, has just been marked down 70%.

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Here Is My Story

One day when I was sitting with Kim Miller I told him how I was afraid I would be a renter for all my life. My wife’s parents were nearing retirement age and they still lived in an apartment.

I wanted to own a house. I wanted to have something to show for all my work… something I could pass down to my children. I guess I wanted something to leave behind

Kim offered to tell me his secret. He asked me if I would be interested in knowing how to manifest a house.

At first I made excuses. “I don’t have a very good credit rating” and “I am self employed” and of course my all-time-favorite excuse “I don’t have any money.”

Kim told me that none of that mattered. He promised me this would work, but if I wanted to know his secret I would have to….


I was spellbound as I listened to him reveal exactly what he did to manifest a house and how he used the same method to manifest all the furniture for it, because he too was flat broke at the time he was taught this.

Maybe you feel like I felt on that very day. Excited about the idea that this may be true, but at the same time more than a little skeptical.

I wanted to believe, but I had been burned before.

This information is very much outside of the comfort zone of most people, but Kim told me that this is exactly why most people never get what they really want in life.

Kim Miller is no liar.

Kim is an honest man, who goes out of his way to help others as long as I have known him. He was my teacher, even though he would never let me call him that.

I never knew him when he was poor. The Kim I knew loaned thousands of dollars to needy people who often didn’t pay him back.

I asked him why he did it, when many times I felt like someone was taking advantage of him, and he would tell me “If they don’t pay me back then they must have needed it more than I do”.

And yet, Kim always has money coming in from different places, because Kim knows how to manifest abundance.



So I decided to take a chance on myself.


I decided to try to Manifest a House for me, my wife Patricia, and my two children, Nathan, Logan ( Little did I know that our third child was soon to be on the way, but I am getting ahead of myself now)

Kim promised me that I didn’t need any money. I was counting on that to be true, because we didn’t have any money in savings at all.

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Watch this video to see what kind of house you are manifesting right now.

Everyone is attracting things 24 hours a day, even when we are not aware of it.
It can be shocking for some to see what it is that they are attracting.

Nothing is as nice as knowing you have your own house.


Wishing you all the best in your manifesting,

– John Derrick

PS –  This sale wont last forever, so please don’t miss out on this.

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