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Readers Write: How Not To Manifest A New Job

Readers Write John Derrick
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This weeks question comes from Barbie,

“I wanted to see if I was doing and saying this right. We desire for my husband to have a better job and be home more and of course more pay, he is a truck driver and gone months and weeks and I desire a change to this, so if you could let me know how to put this and say this, thank you so much.

I am saying Gail is now attracting his ideal job, receiving wonderful pay.

Is this the way to put this? Just not sure and thanks for all your help. I desire to attact the right one.”

Barbie [lastname removed]

———-  John Derrick’s Reply ——————-

Hello Barbie,

That is a great question.  I get a lot of similar questions, so I would like to use it in this weeks newsletter (only using your first name) unless you object.

While I understand what you are trying to accomplish, I would suggest a different way to word it and to think about it.

You can not manifest for someone else, the power of manifesting is to manifest for yourself.  In your example:

“Gail is now attracting his ideal job, receiving wonderful pay”

The point of view is not your own.   You need to put on your manifesting card whatever it is that YOU want to attract into YOUR life.

Yes, you can alter your reality in a way that effects other people (everything we do effects other people even if we don’t recognize it at the time), but you need to go at this from your own point of view.

You can give a card to Gail and he can manifest for himself too…  there is nothing wrong with that, but then again I do say in my book to not tell others what you are manifesting until you accomplish your goals, so you should still fill out your cards in private.

“Attracting“ is not a word you should ever use on a manifesting card.  Remember, when you fill out a manifesting card, you are speaking in the present tense, as if you have already accomplished something.

When I was broke, and I desperately needed money for myself and my family, I began by saying ” I am so happy and thankful now that I have $5,000 in the bank”.  At the time, I had about twenty dollars to my name, but when I read that manifesting card, I FELT like I had $5,000 in the bank, and I IMAGINED that I had $5,000 in the bank.

Sure, when I first began it felt silly.  Part of my mind knew darn well I did not have $5,000 in the bank, but the more times I used that Manifesting card the more it began to feel real.   Once it began to feel real, money began to flow to me from several different areas and soon I had $5,000 in the bank even though I was spending it to catch up on bills.

When you say  “attracting”, what you are manifesting into your reality is a state of attracting.  In other words, you are creating a future reality where you DO NOT have what you desire, but rather are working at attracting it to you.

You should state it as if you already have it.

I am not 100% sure what you desire, but my best guess is that you desire your husband to be home more and for you to have more money.  Instead of manifesting a new job, I would just manifest what you want, and let the universe  (or God, or whatever word you desire to use here) decide the best way to deliver it to you.

You have three entries on the Manifesting Card, so I would use line #1 to be something that you can manifest easily in order to build your confidence and to gain experience in the process (as I outlined in the book).

For Line number two I would use something like this:

“I am so happy and thankful now that… Gail and I spend fun filled hours at home together everyday.”

This way you get your husband home with you and you enjoy each other company. Again, I am just guessing that this is what you desire.

The reason I include “fun filled” is because a while back when my wife was working outside the house, I decided to manifest more time with her at home, and the following week she was home sick for 3 day in a row.  Yes, the universe can have a sense of humor it would seem.

An interesting twist would be to remove the “at home” part, and leave it to chance to see where you spend your fun filled hours together everyday.  Is being at home important?

Line number three you could address the money issue with something like:

“I am so happy and thankful now that… my bank account always has $5,000 in it”

Of course, you can choose whatever amount you find believable.  I never advise anyone to start off saying “a million dollars” because the mind will reject it.  So if $5,000 sounds good to you, then shoot for that.  Saying “always has $5,000 in it” means you can spend money and it continues to refill, otherwise you may find yourself with a $5,000 one-time payment and then you are back to square one.

Remember, it is important to FEEL the results.  Live them out in your mind and feel them in your body.  Carry yourself as if this is real.  Pretend until one day you realize you are no longer pretending and your husband is home more and you have all the money you need.

It is great fun to see just how the universe will deliver what you focus on.  You may find that Gail works from home, or perhaps he doesn’t need to work at all…. You just never know what will happen.

So, always focus on what you want and don’t worry about how the universe will deliver it… and when you read that manifesting card aloud, as explained in the book, be sure you FEEL it as if it were real right now… right this very second.

Best Wishes for both you and Gail.  I am sure you will manifest something wonderful.  Be sure to check back in with me, I love to hear your results.



Please keep in mind, I am not able to answer all questions sent to me.

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