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Readers Write: Manifesting Money

Readers Write John Derrick
I have been encouraging readers of my newsletter to write me questions. I select the best questions that I feel will benefit others and I answer them here.
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Unless the writer of the question instructs me otherwise, I will only use the first name of the writer of the question.

This weeks question comes from Alex,

“Hi I was wondering how I would write on my manifesting gratitude card to receive a specific dollar amount. For example I am so happy and thankful now that I have an extra 20 dollars to spend. Or is there a better approach? “

(This question is referencing the Manifesting Cards found here)
Hello Alex,

I think your example is a fine approach. Just remember to “feel” it when you say it. The feeling is the most important part.

“I am so happy and thankful that I have $10,000 in my bank account”.
Visualizing the number on the computer screen (if you check your balance online like I do) or on the paper statement, and feeling what it feels like to have $10,000 in your bank account.

It certainly feels different to know you have money. It feels good. It feels more relaxed and more confident.

Remember, that if you can’t make yourself FEEL it, then you can’t manifest it. If $10,000 feels impossible to you right now, then use a smaller number. Starting small is always a good thing if your mind does not accept a larger number.

BUT… don’t be afraid to ask for more…. Many of us keep our goals small because we are afraid of failing. Don’t let fear hold you back. If you decide to start small, be sure to grow and expand on that goal…. until one day $10,000 in you bank account feels pretty darn reasonable to you.

Once you have the amount in mind… and you can feel it… Just use the power of repetition to make it happen.

Best Wishes,

– John Derrick

Please keep in mind, I am not able to answer all questions sent to me.

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