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Readers Write: Using The Law of Attraction To Pass A Test

Readers Write John Derrick

I have been encouraging readers of my newsletter to write me questions.  I select the best questions that I feel will benefit others and I answer them here.
To ask me a question, please sign up for my weekly newsletter (don’t worry, I dislike spam as much as you do) and then send me your question. 
Unless the writer of the question instructs me otherwise, I will only use the first name of the writer of the question.   
This weeks question comes from Kel,
“I was wondering if I could get any tips on getting the score I need to pass a test. Im taking a test (CBEST) which I have taken before and I can’t seem to get the score I need to pass it. I’ve tried everything the way the ” law of attraction” says and it’s still not working for me ….. any tips would be greatly appreciated”
Dear Kel,
Use the power of visualization to see and feel yourself passing the test. 
Create a vivid scene of yourself passing this test.  Be sure to include as many details as possible.
How does it look? 
What does it feel like? 
Where are you?
Then practice “feeling” it whenever and where ever possible.  The more often you can visit this feeling the better.
I am not sure if you already own the manifesting cards ebook and cards yet, but how I would do it would be to put this on a manifesting card and use it last thing before sleep and first thing upon waking.
The most important thing is to focus on how you feel.  Capture the essence of the feeling and replay that feeling in your body.  
The law of attraction is more about feeling than it is about words.
This is a method used by NASA and Olypic Atheletes…   and they use it because it works.
I would wish you good luck on passing this test, but if you do as I have suggested, you will be making your own luck.
Warmest Regards,
– John Derrick
Please keep in mind, I am not able to answer all questions sent to me.

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