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Recover Deleted Photos From Memory Camera’s Memory Card – Photo-Saver

Yesterday I accidentally formatted the memory card (SD Card) for my Canon camera.  I thought I had lost all the photos on it, but I found Photo Saver and I was able to recover them ALL!

You may have noticed that I didn’t post to this site yesterday.  In part it was because I was stressing about the loss of my data on that card. I have a 4GB card for my camera, so I don’t empty it as often as I probably should because it holds so much.

Something most people probably don’t realize is that you can store anything on these cards, not just pictures and videos taken by the camera.  I sometimes store my writing text files on my SD card also and I don’t even have a card reader in my PC.  All you have to do is connect the camera by USB to your PC, and it will show up as a device inside “My Computer”.  Double click it, and you can store to it just like you would a hard drive.

Lucky for me, Photo Saver recovered everything I had on my media card.  Recovering my photos and my data was worth a lot more than the $16 I paid for the software.  Even better is the fact that now that I own the software I know I can never lose a photo again.

So after I formatted the SD card on accident (I had the wrong card in the camera at the time) I was stressing for about an hour before I remembered that I create my own reality.  I cleared my mind and allowed all the negative energy to leave my body.  I envisioned myself excited by the fact that I had somehow recovered all the photos and data that I had lost.  I felt excited.  I had a smile on my face because I honestly felt happy.  I began to truly believe that I had solved the problem.

When I was done with this process, I typed my problem into google and low and behold I found Photo Saver.

From hopeless to problem solved in twenty minutes.

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