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The law of Attraction In Action – Kids Versus Adults

state_fair_03.jpgCertainly the Law of Attraction is powerful. Indeed, it flipped my world upside down and actually saved my life.

Yes, the law of attraction can bring you money and it has improved my health and freed me from the chains of a job…..

But let’s not forget that we can use the law of attraction for little things in our daily life. Kids are much better at remembering this than us adults tend to be, because they live in the moment. They are always actively creating and thinking about what they want in the moment. Adults tend to think much larger picture and our thoughts are more in the long term. We tend to project our thoughts and desires out into the future rather than thinking about the small things that desire to manifest into the moment of the now.

Last weekend I took my children to the fair. My wife and I took two cars because we were coming from two different directions. I had the two boys with me and we were meeting up with mom at the fair. About a mile away from the fair I started seeing cars parked awkwardly along both sides of the road. The road had become very narrow with bumpers sticking out at odd angles and cars sideways half in a ditch and half on the road. I drove on to the park grounds where the carnival was being held and of course there was no parking. I saw my wife and told her to meet me at Office Depot (little over a mile away) so we could drop off her car.

On the way to the large Office Depot (where I buy a lot of products, including my new 22 inch Acer monitor, which I happen to LOVE) my kids, ages eight and five, began to focus on us pulling right up to the very front of the carnival where all the rides were and finding a parking spot open. It is times like these that I wished I had been raised with the knowledge of the law of attraction, because I am ashamed to say that my first thought was “That isn’t very likely”… but of course it is likely. My children are being raised with the belief that everything is possible if we just put our minds to it and as a result they manifest amazing things all the time.

As soon as Patti was into my car she began clapping and singing a song she made up in the moment that went something like “We are going to the carnival and we are going to park right in front” The boys were clapping along with her and we all were singing.

Once again we drove by all the oddly parked cars along the roadway for the mile leading up to the fairgrounds. Hundreds of people were busily walking to the carnival. We drove right up front, where there were only 15 or so parking spaces and there was a line of cars in front of us and a line of cars behind us. People were driving through this small lot constantly. My logical mind wondered how in the world this would be possible, but I remained positive that this was going to work even though I had no idea how.

Suddenly as I drove part way into the small lot a car to my right began to back out. My wife quickly pointed it out to me as she continued to sing praises with the boys. Sure enough someone was leaving their space and backing right out in front of me. I tried to back up but there was no room behind me because another car was right up on me and of course he couldn’t back up even if he wanted to because he too had a car behind him.

Luckily the car backing out had just enough room and we pulled right into his space. We were parked right in front. I mean right in front. Directly in front of my car was a carnival ride. We all piled out happy.

That is the Law of Attraction in action. Living in the moment and creating what we desired at that exact moment.

Our neighbors from across the street happened to be in front and they walked up and commented about how that parking was a once in a million kind of occurrence. I told them how it was a result of positive thinking and using the law of attraction. Patrick said to me “Good luck using your positive thinking on that ticket line. We just spent half an hour in line waiting to get tickets.”

As a side note: I had shown Patrick the movie “The Secret”… and like so many others he only changed his thoughts and actions for a week or two and then forgot about it and moved back into his old ways. πŸ™

Of course as soon as he said it I knew that this was another opportunity to be in the moment and to use the law of attraction to manifest what I desired.

The ticket booth was only a hundred feet away or so because it was in front near where we had parked. Sure enough, just as Patrick had said, there was a very long line. It looked like a half hour wait.

Once again I had no idea how this was going to play out. Logically there seemed no way to make the line move faster. My wife turns to me and says “I wonder if this is the only place that sells tickets?” That was it. I knew it.

I turned around and walked away from the child rides and into the food and vendor area and low and behold there sat another ticket booth with only a few people in front of it.

The Law of Attraction In Action.

I bet events like these have happened to you before. It’s important for you to write them down and keep a journal of some kind so that you can see the trends and the patterns. Children count each small victory while adults have a tendency to dismiss the day to day victories and only count the long term goals.

Yes, using a manifesting card is a powerful tool… and by following the step by step instructions in Your Secret Course you can manifest drastic changes in your life and lifestyle, but don’t forget that life occurs in the moment. Live in the moment. Manifest in the moment. It’s okay to be a little child like now and again.

My best Wishes,

John Derrick

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