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The Law of Attraction In Action – The U.S. Election

The Law of Attraction was indeed in action during the Nov 4th presidential election.

Anyone who is a student of the Law of Attraction should have seen this coming.

NOTE:  I am not endorsing any candidate, I am just looking at the election strictly from a law of attraction point of view.

Here is what I saw during this election that predicted the outcome for me, STRICTLY from a law of attraction stance.

#1 – When Senator Obama spoke, it was positive and often described as inspiring hope, using the word “hope” often.  He painted pictures of a bright future, and he talked about himself primarily.

#2 – When Senator McCain spoke, he would spend more time speaking about Obama and Obama’s plans, then he did about himself and his own plans for the nations future.  According to national polls his campaign and his speeches were viewed as most negative being described as “fear based”.

The Law of Attraction says that you get MORE of what you focus on.  Even though McCain’s focus was on reasons NOT to vote for Obama, he was still focusing on Obama.

#3 – McCain ran several ads where his face was never seen, and only the face of his opponent, Senator Obama, was displayed.

Where was all the focus on these ads that his party paid to run?

For over a year now both parties have made the focus of this election Senator Obama….  now President Obama.

What about the last election?  (2004)

The last presidential election was the exact same thing, only the focus was primarily on President Bush.  So many people had a “Bush is not my president” attitude, that they gave the majority of their attention and focus onto Mr. Bush.

Senator John Kerry would speak a lot about how president Bush failed at this and failed at that.  All the while he was unintentionally putting the focus onto President Bush.

The law of attraction doesn’t care if your shirt says “I don’t like president bush”. It picks up what you focus on first and foremost.

If you are against someone or something, then don’t define yourself against that thing or person… instead be PRO the opposite.

Mother Teresa understood this very well.   She was once asked why she did not participate in anti-war demonstrations.  To which she replied, “I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I’ll be there.”

Yes, there are advanced law of attraction tools that you can use to master the law of attraction, but if you want to make a drastic change in your life starting right now, I would recommend this above all else:

“Focus only on what you want more of. ”

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