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Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Happy Holidays fellow readers. I have been away for awhile, working on a secret project, but I am finally back to my home away from home, AKA this blog.

Today I just wanted to share a little story of something that happened to me.

In the last week or so we have received about 6 inches of snow over several days. There was so much snow on Sunday that I was outside shoveling for an hour and a half. I would shovel the steps and walk way only to find that the driveway had accumulated 1-2 inches in the process. When I would get done with the drive way I would find the steps and walkway covered once again. It was almost comical.

Being aware that my thoughts create my reality, and choosing to try to find bliss in every moment, I looked on this event positively.

There I was just days before, wondering what I was going to do for exercise now that it was too cold to ride my bike or go for hikes in the mountains. So I looked at this as an answer to my desire to find exercise in the cold winter months.

The next day I woke up to find that the snow plow had came by and plowed the road, leaving a foot and a half mound of snow in front of my driveway. I got dressed and went out there, shovel in hand to get my lovely wife out of the driveway. The street was full of people that morning who were shoveling out their driveways.

I decided to make a clear path to my mailbox also, so that the post man would have clear access to it. I noticed that I was the only person who bothered to make an effort so that the post man would have no problems reaching the mailbox. It’s no surprise though, since everyone else was in a hurry to get to their jobs and I am the only one I know of on my street who works at home.

Because I work at home the mailbox is where I get my checks. I suppose if other people found more money than they did bills in their mailbox, they too would want to have a clear path for that post man to drive up.

It was still snowing, and by the time the post man did come that day, the snow plow had gone by again and left a large mound of snow in front of my mailbox. When I saw the post man pull up, out of my office window, I noticed that he had to lean far out his window in order to put my mail in.

I strolled down to get my mail and inside I found a note that gave me a stern warning to make sure that the street is clear of snow and ice or the mail would not be delivered. The warning even came with a picture on it showing me how to make a horseshoe shaped path to and from my mailbox.

When I showed this note or spoke about it to others, everyone responded the same. They would say how ridiculous it was for the post office to act that way. Whatever happened to the idea that nothing will stop the mail! I should write a nasty letter to the post office, or leave it in my mailbox, or complain to the city or chew out the snow plow guy. One person even suggested I threaten to sue because my income is that mailbox.

I took a different approach entirely. Today, after I drove my kids to school, I again shoveled out a nice horseshoe path in front of my mailbox. I made sure the postman had easy access to my mailbox. I printed out a note on my computer, in giant letters that simply said:




I put some cookies into a Ziploc bag and put them in the mailbox along with the note.

Later on in the day I noticed the mail truck parked at my mailbox, but no one was inside. Then I heard a knock at my door and found the mail man, whom I’ve never formally met, on my steps with a box in his arms. He had a smile nearly ear from ear and was whistling a ton. He simply said “Here you go” and handed me the box. I thanked him and he told me to have a great day.

I should point out, that around here boxes are always either hung from your mailbox in a clear bag, or put on top or beside your mailbox. No mailman has ever brought a box up to my door.

What I did was really very simple. I put my attention on what I wanted, and not on what I didn’t want. Everyone else suggested on giving more power and more thought to what I didn’t want. What would have happened? I would have attracted and created more of that in my life. I probably would have made someone else angry, and we all know that angry people tend to defend their actions, which would have caused more negativity.

By putting my attention on what I wanted, which was for my mail to always be delivered, I have insured that it will be. I also made someone feel good in the process. Instead of making him angry, I made him happy.

The old saying “You get more flies with honey than with vinegar” holds true, but since I don’t want any flies I have never actually tried putting honey out 😉

Always put your attention on what you desire… oh, and being nice to others never hurts either. 😉

So, that is my cute story, hope you enjoyed it.


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